How to Start a Crayfish Business In Nigeria


Crayfish trade can be considered a very profitable venture that both youths and the aged can start provided they are hardworking and determined to make a profit.

As you may already know, crayfish have high protein content and it’s a key ingredient used in adding flavor to delicious meals. Little wonder the demand for crayfish keeps increasing day by day.

Many Nigerians in foreign lands still demand crayfish in high amounts and this has indeed helped in building our exportation sector while adding to the list of food items that are sent abroad.

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One can decide to export crayfish as a whole or as grounded crayfish. Interestingly, there are lots of youths out there who have ventured into this business and it’s majorly because the business is highly profitable.

I tell you the truth, those who are exporting crayfish are making fortunes out from it.

In every business there are secrets; the crayfish business isn’t an exception. There are key secrets you may need to learn in this business which nobody may be willing to offer out.

That’s why you see somebody who has been within the business for an extended time still making waves.
So, it is really important that you ask questions, find out from different sources how crayfish is been sold in your area so you Don’t make mistakes.

You probably have heard that Akwa Ibom/Cross River States have the most affordable crayfish prices. Well! that’s not far from the truth; it’s among The explanations why their crayfish markets are always very crowded.

Why Crayfish Business?

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There are many reasons why you ought to do a crayfish business. it’s very profitable, you’ll realize 50% and above the return on investment. A high turnover guarantees more gain if you’re focused and determined you’ll achieve this.


Assuming you purchased a bag #60,000 and sold it #85,000 if you deduct transport fare and other miscellaneous say #10,000 you’ll get #15,000 out of it. Calculate what proportion you’ll make once you purchase like 5 to 10 bags

You know there are actually people from the South East who buy from 20 to 30 bags or even more.

Let’s even assume they make #5,000 profits from each bag, the profit on 30 bags is still very high, isn’t it?

There’s a ready marketplace for crayfish because people consume it everyday and good enough, you can start this business by investing little capital. To start small, you can buy a bag or two.
Although there’s no fixed price for crayfish, prepare to invest #100,000 as start-up capital. business over time.

How To Make High Profits In Crayfish Business

As earlier acknowledged, it’s indeed profitable. However, to form good profits, ensure you buy directly from the farmers or distributors.

Where To Buy Crayfish In Wholesales

I often hear people say that crayfish is extremely cheap in Akwa Ibom State but that’s not completely true. This is because when you compare the costs to places like Ogun, Ondo, etc you’ll discover that theirs is on the high side.

But quality is what distinguishes them. Akwa Ibom State crayfish has top quality (very tasty), sand free or reduced to the barest minimum, and fewer dirt.

You can buy as many bags as you would like because they have them in surplus, they also go as far as Cameroun to shop for crayfish since it’s closer to them in order to satisfy customers when there’s a shortage.

Other locations where you can buy crayfish wholesale are; Ibaka, Oron, and Ibeno. Oron has the most known crayfish market; people from all places like Southeast, North, and middle belt go there to make a purchase.

How to preserve crayfish before selling.


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