How to start a Nursery and Primary school in Nigeria


On this page I will be giving you tips and steps that you should follow to start a nursery and primary school business in Nigeria.

With a population of over 200 million and the youths having up to 60% of the population it is very obvious that the infant rate will be very high, the number of children being given birth to on a daily basis in Nigeria is very very alarming.

If in a nuclear family some can give birth up to 5 kids then what will happen to the extended family where there are more than two or three wives some families have up to 20 or more children in Nigeria especially in the northern part.

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This is because Islam permits a man to marry more than one wife and they marry these girls at very young ages like 16 years or even lesser. The point is the number of children being born in Nigeria is very high and the higher it is the more demand for education the school the ones on ground can not cover it all.

That is why parents are always in search of new school to register their children every single year why do some old have the preference of registering their children and School in the street where they reside in what does will prefer sending our children and wet reputable and prestigious schools.

This is why school business is very profitable in Nigeria and you can’t earn according to the stand that we should level day of school up to the higher the more income you get.

You should know that this level of education for the children is the basic and the foundation which is very important that is why sometimes would like to get very good schools for their children and will pay any amount for them to get sharpened up and smart.

Hear the required steps to set up a nursery and primary school:

For this level of education, you have the creche, kindergarten, nursery and primary school which is very crucial because how good they develop will help them further their education in life when they get bad at this level it is very difficult for them to pass through other strong levels of education.

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Registration of your nursery and primary school

You need to register the intended business and the corporate affairs commission whatever adventure it might be that is why you need to do this too before you start up your school business.

After this repair visit to the ministry of education office in your area to gain information and necessary enquiries.

For the documentations to be easy for you you might want to hire the service off a legal practitioner u might also offer you legal advice.

Also you need to register the proposed name of your school with the association of private schools in your region. When you join this organisation any necessary information will be passed to you.

Select a location for your school

Just like every other business the location of your business has to be the one which has your potential clients in it so proper siting is very important here. Oh you need to put into consideration as the safety of your children and the easy accessibility of the school.

You should make it very close to a neighborhood so they could easily come to your school without much transport. its easy accessibility would mean if your school is in a residential area or workplace the parents would be able to do school runs for their children without much stress.


What it all boils down to your budgets because developing areas might be less expensive than already developed areas so if you want to make your school fees more expensive you have to go to already developed areas. staying in in a less developed areas will automatically make your school fees to be cheaper.

Do the facility will provide in your school who also help in raising the standard which were also raised in prices of services rendered in the school.

Get a building for your school

While most people start from scratch to erect a building they prepare in the proposed location it is better because of the customisation and your preference for your school but if this is not available due to your budget you might want to rent a good building in that same location.

When renting a building for your proposed to school it is very important that you put into consideration the safety of the children and look for a solid building with proper plan just to avoid some disaster in the future.

This is because in recent times we have seen some School buildings collapse because of the fake materials that are used in building it.

You might not choose to rent a whole building depending on your budget you can also rent a small apartment and partition it into the classes but make sure the room is spacious enough well ventilated and conducive for learning because you will be inspected before you start up.

There should be an avenue for the playground for kids school assembly and other training facilities.

Get a name for your school

You need to choose a name for your business which will be outstanding, unique, and memorable to both parents and children. So something short and catchy should do.

Get school facilities

The show your seriousness and setting up your nursery and primary school you need to purchase several facilities that will aid in learning below are the listed required facilities you should have:

  • Boards
  • TVs
  • stationery
  • books
  • shelves
  • desks and chairs
  • musical instruments
  • chalks
  • markers
  • computers
  • charts
  • games
  • swings
  • First aid kits
  • microphones etc

Aside from the listed ones you also need good water supply with the practice of good hygiene, clean toilets and bathrooms.

Get A nice school uniform

Yeah, you need to hire a fashion designer to help you design something unique fashionable and comfortable for the children.

After that, you have to place a vacancy to hire staff for your school both teaching and non-teaching staff.
Here are the needed staff:

  • Teachers
  • Security guards
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionist
  • Librarian
  • Secretary
  • Supervisor
  • Accountant
  • Clerk
  • Cook
  • Bus Driver e.t.c

in addition to the above steps, you need an academic curriculum, a moto, a logo, and approved notebooks and textbooks.


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