How to start a secondary school in Nigeria


Just like in a recent post establish the steps on how to set up a nursery and primary school business in Nigeria in today’s post due to the interest rates in secondary school business here is where you should get all the required information.

While there are several schools in Nigeria especially secondary school it is not enough due to the large population of Nigeria I just like the lower level of education there are high standard ones as well as substandard schools.

In the present times, approval secondary school seems to be the best choice for most parents as they detest sending their children to public school where they’re not taking proper care of. The only disadvantage in a private secondary school is its expenses, it is usually high.

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Establishing a secondary school in Nigeria requires a lot of work and it’s not as easy as setting up the primary and nursery school.

Secondary school education is more sophisticated and advanced that is why proper care should be considered in its establishment.

in this secondary school establishment, the teachers have to be very very qualified to handle the curriculums, and the building can’t just be anywhere he has to be spacious and expansive.

How about your ability to meet up to the required standard of services in secondary school dollar convert to the amount of money you can make, so there is no stable level of income from the secondary school business it all depends on what you can offer.

In this post will be detailing the necessary steps to follow and others to set up a secondary school in Nigeria

Acquire Government accreditation

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While setting up your school it is very important to you make it meet up to standard reason being that you will have to get the government approval on your school project.

Prepare an application fee and submit the application to the ministry of education in your region to get government approval that is if you meet up with the requirements for secondary school education.

The officials from the ministry will visit your school for inspection if your school meets up to standards it will get approved but if not the project will be stopped.

The required guidelines and listed by the ministry of education which you might find helpful is the minimum land space in need for your secondary school, required classroom size, games facilities, restrooms, and the minimum number of students.

If you need a complete list of the required guidelines it is at the ministry of education office that is located in your state.

Though your school will be running before you get the accreditation what it does is that it allows you to carry out the registration for senior certificate exams like WAEC, NECO, and GCE. And when a student graduates from your secondary school become recognized by a higher institution of learning.

This inspection may last stop to 3 to 5 years and after this, your secondary school becomes accredited.

Land Acquisition

The proposed site for the secondary school should be somewhere close to town and not in an industrial or market area due to noise. A conducive environment is needed for the adequate learning of your students.

You should check the standard requirement for the land size which is listed by the ministry of education in your region.



Give the structure of your school in such a way that the main building part contains both the classrooms and the administrative block. Your administrative block is usually comprising of 2 offices and a store. the classrooms or to have proper ventilation and enough space for furniture and shelves.

Other required facilities:

Are there extra facilities that is required to be in this school. And these facilities are meant to have corresponding items like first aid kit for the sickbay, up-to-date books in the library, water and toiletries for the toilet, and finally kits and footballs for sports facilities.
Here are the facilities:

  • A toilet
  • A football field and at least one other game
  • A computer lab
  • A science laboratory
  • A library stocked with books
  • A sickbay with at least one trained nurse
  • Boards
  • TVs
  • stationery
  • books
  • shelves
  • desks and chairs
  • musical instruments
  • chalks
  • markers
  • computers
  • charts
  • games
  • swings
  • First aid kits
  • microphones etc

Hire Qualified staff

Any kind of staff you are to hire must be qualified, don’t play yourself by getting fake an unqualified ones because it’ll affect the quality of services that you render in the school.

For instance, your teachers should be present at least than NCE certificate before getting a job offer from your school.

The non-teaching staff also required in your school and they are in charge of the guidance and counseling the cleaning staff the bursary and the administration. However, this has required stuff to hire:

  • Teachers
  • Security guards
  • Cleaners
  • Receptionist
  • Librarian
  • Secretary
  • Supervisor
  • Accountant
  • Clerk
  • Cook
  • Bus Driver e.t.c

While hiring staff you can also go for bachelor degree holders or even Masters if you can afford them but you should know this would directly affect the school fees the parents would pay because your staff is highly qualified.

Design school uniforms

You can hire a fashion designer no enable you to make the right decision as regards to the quality material and colour combination for both your male and female students.

After making the necessary choice you will now have to award the tailoring contract to a qualified person and producing bulk can prepare giving out in the school uniform from your office after registration which is way better than allowing the parents to Sew what they like for the kids.

Get receipts, Invoices, and stamps

These are basic stationeries that I needed for documentations on your school papers. Every one of the listed requirements above and very important.
do not underestimate them.

Have a functional bookshop

Having a book shop in your school is very necessary because he wouldn’t have to stress the students to go far to get a book they are looking for, it also has to be in school.

Get teaching materials

Properly teaching materials and needed in your school so be sure to keep your job very well before education resumes. You need some educational posters and banners, charts, experimental apparatus, maps, and others.

These materials will enable the teachers to illustrate better and make the students understand.


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