How to Start An Event Decoration Business in Nigeria


Truly speaking, many of us are not good at decorating spaces. Some of us can’t even decorate our rooms not to talk about decorating our house for an event, so the service of an event decorator should really not be underestimated.

More so, if you feel this is your area of passion, it is worth pursuing as it is rated as one of the most lucrative businesses in the nation.

Event decorating is definitely a fantastic small enterprise idea because people often organize parties and do not want to worry about the trouble that the venue actually has to be decorated.
By giving your services in exchange for money, your clients will be relieved from the struggles of trying to organize and beautify the event place.

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Have you noticed that you are passionate about making any space given to you look stunning and highly impressive, then consider starting your own event decoration business?

You can work for as many different clients as you like, and good enough, the initial cost is very low.
This can really be an interesting and fantastic business for you, one of the major things you need is the ability to plan ahead and be detailed in all your works.

Steps To Become An Event Decorator

These are the major steps you need to follow in starting your own event decoration business.

1. Get Ready To Learn

It’s possible you’ve got a natural talent already. However, training from a renowned event designer not only improves your artistic talent but also your business skills. Project planning, proper time management, and good communication skills are a few skills you learn while working with an event designer.

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You can further train your eyes by checking out decoration styles at event centers, in journals, or even magazines.

Choose Your Target Clients

You can choose from several types of event decorations: wedding party design, conference decoration, festivals, and birthday ddecorations, etc. When you think about your target market, not only can you find out which resources to start the business, but it will also allow you to concentrate on the type of customers you want.

Start-Up Funds

As I have stated earlier, the startup find needed for an event decoration business is relatively low, provided you are willing and ready to start small.
You don’t have to purchase all materials and tools needed at a go, you can buy some and borrow others for a start and as soon as you are financially capable, you can them purchase the big equipment.


However, there are some important questions you need to ask yourself before starting this business. Ask yourself what kind of event decoration do I want to start?

Can I rent a place for my decoration business or simply start from my house?

Should I register with the appropriate legal bodies in the country before starting my business or I should start first and register later?

Do I have all the capital I need to buy enough equipment for my decoration work or should I go out to rent equipment?

Do I need to employ permanent staff or contract them when there is a job to execute?

Am I going to employ staff on a permanent term or on a contract basis, and do I have enough money to pay them regularly?

Partner With Well Known Professional Decorators

As a new face in this field, you need the service of other well-known professionals.
Decorators and designers who are well-established and better known in the industry can find customers the fastest way for you.

Are you wondering how? Networking with people such as event planners and party planners is a win-win strategy simply because they need designers for their work.
They will then hire you to work on their customers’ behalf.

The main reason for this is to help your young and growing business to have a consistent customer flow.

Advertise your services.

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your event design business.
Also, ensure you always persuade your customers to refer you to their friends.
Your job should definitely speak to you.
Print, TV ads, and major social media marketing can also be used as other means of advertising.
Meanwhile, when you attach discounts to your adverts online, it attracts lots of people.

Get Helping Hands

You should always have some additional hands to assist you depending on the size of the event center.
The more hands you can use to decorate, the faster the event place will be set. Arrange your workers in such a way that an individual will concentrate on one part of the event place.  You’re sure to achieve fast results and you will see the creativity in every one of them.

Although this might initially cost your company more money, the work will surely speak for itself and help your business to survive by attracting more customers to you.

Get a portfolio.

As soon as you finish a decoration task, make sure you retain notes and pictures so you can create a portfolio for new jobs to potential customers. If you are new and do not have work photos of previous customers, ask family members whether you can decorate their events or do some free tasks just to take pictures.

Hold Meetings With Your Clients

The benefits of holding meetings with your client are so much, but majorly, it helps to open your eyes to areas where your business can improve.
This can be done inside your home if you have a meeting room for customers, a rented office, or even at a restaurant of your choice.

Be Determined And Focused.

Are you aware that some of the best companies and businesses you now see started with a strong desire to make a difference?
So, If you have a great passion for decoration and you are willing to be committed to it, then go ahead and start it up.


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