How to Start Bike Logistics Delivery Business


Our post today will explain how to start a bike logistic delivery service here in Nigeria. As you know when it comes to domestic delivery services within the country especially intra state or even sometimes interstate with the short distance your best option is to employ the service of a bike delivery logistics services. This is one of the fastest means of delivery when the delivery needs urgency and speed.

As you know logistics business is a business that covers so many areas like delivery, procurement and one of the most important aspects of logistics is a very strong distribution network. As you know us lots of company that engages and offer bike logistics services, you might not know that is what it’s called, most eCommerce companies offer bike logistics deliveries services, companies like jumia, Konga, mall4africa and the likes offers this services.

Bike logistics services require you to put a lot of machinery in place and also get the required approval from the relevant regulatory body before you venture into this kind of business. for the purpose of this write up we would be using the setting up of this kind of business in Lagos, as you know Lagos is the hub of commercial activities in Nigeria and this is where most of and if not virtually most bike logistics business are operating.

Process of Setting up a Bike Logistics Delivery Business in Nigeria

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One of the most important thing is to register your business name with the corporate affairs commission (CAC), they are the regulatory body responsible with registering new and existing business here in Nigeria, so make sure that is the first thing you do register your business.

Get a good office location that will be good for business, and when you get the good location obtain relevant permit from the authority of that particular state, as you know we are using Lagos state as an example, you have to get relevant approval from the Lagos state transport ministry for permission to operate from the facility you propose to operate your business from.

You need to purchase at least 100 bikes for your deliveries, once you get the bikes makes sure they are certified by the Vehicle inspection organisation(VIO) and they Lagos state ministry of transport that your bikes are in good conditions and they are also the right specification for the bike logistics business.

After the following approval from the Lagos state ministry of transport and the VIO, you will need to get courier license from Nipost, Nipost is the regulatory body for courier services in Nigeria. You will need to pay registration fee of some millions to get registered and permit to operate as bike logistics delivery service provider in Nigeria.


You need to understand that you will need some couple of millions to run and start the business, because the business involves you putting a lot of things in place.

You will need to get good and strong bikes that will be used to run your operations smoothly on a daily basis.

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You will need to get experience dispatch riders, make sure the dispatch riders your will be employing have a minimum of 3 years’ experience and they must have the relevant rider’s license that will make them to ride freely when carrying out their operations.

Make sure the bikes are cargo bikes with box pack attached to the bike.

Employ the necessary personnel that will make sure for smooth running of the business, personnel like customer service representatives, account personnel, marketing staffs, logistics manager, inventory manager, and collection centre officers.

In summary this are the things you needs to put in place to be successful in running a smooth bike logistics services.

Permit to operate
cargo bikes
dispatch riders
office space
office computers and telephones
inventory records

Here you have it a complete walkthrough process to starting a bike logistics business here in Nigeria, kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion please drop your comments below.


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  1. Sean says

    Courier services and bike delivery services are different services entirely in which one has to do with vehicles, bus, bike, planes etc while the later is for bike delivery services only of which you don’t require permit from nipost but rather ministry of transportation and vio certification’s.

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