How to start cake-baking business in Nigeria


In this post, we shall be looking at the processes to start up a cake baking business here in Nigeria.
A lot of businesses start in Nigeria and still fade out but the only way you can avoid that is by proper planning.

So if you’re looking at starting up a cake baking business you should take a look at this post in order to get familiar and acquainted with the processes that will enable you to kick start your business easily and help you scale through some hurdles that hit entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

In this post, you will not only find the processes for you also find the equipment requirements and tools are needed to start cake production and might even help you start cake selling too.
Cake business it’s one of the most lucrative business ventures in Nigeria there are several of my female friends that ventured into that and today they’re making thousands of money.

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One of the misconceptions of cake baking businesses that most people think it’s only for ladies but this is a blatant lie because it has been observed that the minority of the men who ventured into cake making business has become absolutely successful which is really applaudable. Pet products are very easy to sell and it is a type of snack that is being consumed on a daily basis and loved by several people.

Cakes are not only eaten in Nigeria but also abroad in foreign countries people eat cake every day especially the cake products called cupcake which comes in several varieties.

Reasons to start a cake baking business

There are several reasons why you should venture into cake making business and they are:

High demand cakes

One reason why you should join the cake baking business is that it is a high demand business which when you venture into you wouldn’t have to start looking for customers because people love cake products. Another reason is that there are several flavors that cakes composite that is very appetizing and people would find it difficult to resist. Bizarre flavours like strawberry, creams, fruits, chocolate and others. 

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So these different kinds of cake are very appealing to several kinds of people in Nigeria.

Cakes are flexible for health

While some cakes are very sugary some others are healthy. Cakes can be baked to the taste of the consumer. There are cakes that do not contain lots of harmful substances to the body and would even improve your health rather than reduce it.

Cakes are made for occasions

You know in Nigeria thousands of events take place in several States monthly than in festive periods like Easter, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and others.
There are rare events that take place in Nigeria that wouldn’t have a cake present no matter how small.
Imagine if you become the supplier to some of these events, Automatically you’ve become rich.

Cakes are non-seasonal

I probably should tell you that while cakes are needed mostly in festive seasons it is also needed in all seasons. cakes are beautiful products that can be consumed at any point in time. However the prices of cake change following the law of demand and supply which rules the market.

Cakes are very affordable


you do not have to worry about your clients telling you that your product a very expensive because there are different types and sizes of cakes which also have ranges of prices making it easier for your customers to make a pick among a wide range of options.
There are cakes with steps and the bigger the cake the bigger the cost. There are different sizes of cakes down to the level of the cupcake which makes it easier for everyone to afford. You can get a cake as cheap as N500

You Shouldn’t be worried or bothered about starting up your cake-baking business in Nigeria. You can easily kick start your business at home than when you expand you can move out and start up your company but what you require to start making cakes at home is the necessary skill and knowledge.

You can start up your cake baking business with your oven and stove and also informing people around you that you are into cake making business. can also inform your family friends and church members about your newly established business.

Because one of the most important ways of making sales in this business is by referrals. If your product is good enough you can easily get a referral from a satisfied client to another and with this, you’ll be making sales even without advertising your products.

One good thing about cake baking business is that it can be a part-time work for you if you have a nine-to-five job. You should be able to tell your work colleagues about your newly found that business and that you can help them big cake for their weddings birthdays anniversaries and other occasions.

Steps on How to start your cake business

Following these detailed steps a very crucial to enable you to start up your cake baking business successfully.

Learn how to bake

it is very important that you learn how to bake a cake and acquire the knowledge needed for this business and in order to do that you have to go for training which will expose you to different kinds of cakes and how to bake them with their several styles decorations and designs. why choosing a training program make sure you choose the one where you can easily practice.

Get equipment and materials

Before you start up this business there are basic materials and equipment which will be needed in order to make cakes and they are baking pans, electric oven, flour, boards for baking, baking powder, oil, flavors, syrup, butter, sugar, and others.
You should also note that the kind of ingredients we use depends on the type of cake you want to bake.

Pick a good location

Though initially, you can start from home for baking when you get bigger you might want to expand your business. when it’s time make sure you choose a location that is easily accessible to your target markets like event centers, homes, and churches.

Get suppliers

You can easily find suppliers that you get you the raw materials you need for your cake-baking business. I can reach out to your friends who bake and get contacts of suppliers so you will not be disappointed or be stranded by one. that way you can easily avoid delays or disappointments to your client.

Hire workers

When you’ve gotten big enough and you feel you need more hands-on-deck to increase the efficiency of your business then you should hire workers to assist you.
you can hire already trained ones or you can hire the ones with no experience and train them to meet up with the demands and this line of business.

Note: you should also consider registering your cake baking business with the corporate affairs commission to make it legal and avoid harassment from different organizations.


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