How to start carrot and walnut farming


It is no doubt that agriculture is very important in Nigeria’s economy and that is why it contributes majorly to the gross domestic product GDP of Nigeria. Nigeria’s GDP has increased over the past few years and this is because of the contribution of agriculture. Back in 2017, Nigeria’s total GDP had a 25.49% contribution from the agricultural sector.

There are several things that need to be done in order to improve Nigeria’s economy from the perspective of agriculture and that is why this article will be focusing on these important crops like walnuts and carrots.

It is very important we discuss carrot farming in Nigeria because it has benefits like commercial value which is very high and other health benefits which include a source of vitamins A, D, C, E, and K. Carrot also possesses nutrients like potassium, calcium, and magnesium.

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Reason to consider farming carrots

Apart from these health benefits which I have listed above, and how important aspect is the economic part. People consume a lot of carrots all over Nigeria, why some love eating it, some others prefer to add it as spices to their food.

Due to its high demand, it makes it financially rewarding and very lucrative to venture into. Carrot farming is the kind of agriculture you don’t need large land to start.

Nigerians consume carrot in several ways. The combination of improved seedlings and utilization of space will make it very profitable to venture into this. Whenever I go to the market I always see people selling carrots because of its high demand so you don’t have to worry if anyone is going to buy from you.

Varieties of carrots for cultivation

There are several types of carrot seedlings that are been cultivated in Nigeria. The ones that are mostly being cultivated in Nigeria that are bigger in size in comparison to others is the Danvers variety.

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One thing that makes it is for itself carrots to stand out is that they need to be cultivated in a soil that has rich nutrients to foster well. Other varieties of carrots Amsterdam, Nantes, and chant any. So for you to consider cultivating any of these varieties it all depends on your soil type, while most of these parrot species grow well on rich soils most of them will do well and Foster in loamy or sandy soils. It is a known fact that carrots grow well on well-drained soils why he does not have a good yield in waterlogged areas.

Land preparation and carrot planting.

There are several areas that your carrot cultivation will perform well we should have to put into consideration while going into this part of agriculture. You should put into consideration the soil that is ideal for the cultivation of carrots.


Well, I’m here to give you tips; make sure you avoid Stony or Rocky areas while cultivating your carrots. Reason being that they prevent the downward growth of carrots. You know carrots have tap roots that should easily penetrate and grow downwards to get more nutrients so if you don’t plant it in the right place it might have stunted growth.

That is why you should use loose soil in carrot farming. Some Nigerian farmers also make ridges in order to plant their carrots and these ridges should be higher than the ones that are used to plant maize.

Why the ridges should be high is for easy penetration from the carrot. when the carrots plant has easily penetrated through the soil it will make it get the required size, length, and shape.

You can easily buy carrot seedlings because they are sold in packets in Nigeria. To plant your seedlings use a stick punch a line in your ridge and put it inside. You can put the seats by sprinkling it evenly in the line you made on the ridge. When that is done use corn or stalks of grass to cover the Grove.

What you just did easily prevent birds from picking the seeds you planted and it also prevents direct sunlight on your crops which will kill the carrot plant when it’s springing up. It also prevents it from strong rain which might damage it and also the irrigation system.

Carrot Cultivation

You should follow up your cultivation and not just leave it like that. Do stalks used in covering the seedlings are released when the seeds begin germination. This would easily allow space for the carrots to grow easily but you will not remove the stalks totally because these plans are still young.

You just need to raise them a little bit using sticks to hold them in order to allow aeration and growth. when you see that the stems of the carrot plant have grown enough to withstand direct sunlight wind and rain then you can remove it. You shouldn’t then perform the thinning process after a few weeks. This process is done in order to make sure there is space between these carrot plants.

In order to achieve maximum growth and the desired size these procedures of listed above are very important. When you have a bountiful harvest the market value increases so you should consider applying fertilizer after thinning. you might want to add extra soil around the roots of your plants as they get more mature.

Sales of carrots

The final thing you should do in this carrot farming business is to sell yours produces. You need the contacts of carrot buyers so you have to make inquiries of those that are around you. you can easily take your carrots to the vegetable market then sell them up there but you can tell them directly to restaurants, hotels, and others. also have to know the current prices of carrots in Nigeria in order to begin more to market your Crops.

Walnut farming in Nigeria

Walnut Farming Nigeria

Walnut has been listed among the top five most profitable plants to grow because species like them black walnut is being cultivated mainly in the United States for the high-quality wood it produces which can be easily used for making furniture, car interiors doors, and gone industry. A walnut farmer makes a lot of money due to several streams of income and produces. Why you can easily sell the notes and make money you can also sell the trees for timber. You should bear in mind that in order to farm walnut you need to be very patient because it takes time to produce a very good dude and that should be around the 25th or 30th year. It also requires high-quality management from experienced hands.


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