How to start Chapman drink production


Welcome to this page where you been learning how to start Chapman drink production here in Nigeria. Here are things you need to know about Chapman drink.

Chapman is a drink that is non-alcoholic that is mostly red in colour and it’s commonly known as non-alcoholic punch. It is locally made with a mixture of Sprite, Fanta, Lemon, cucumber. Chapman is not to be one of the most favourite drink in Nigeria and it’s mostly served without alcohol. for those that prefer alcohol, you can serve it with a touch of rum or vodka.

Origin of Chapman

Chapman drink which is also known as a cocktail is said to have been discovered in Ikoyi club in Lagos State Nigeria. It was discovered by a bartender who served in a country club and was asked by his alright customer who is popularly known as Chapman to prepare something special for him.

it is known to be one of the most favourite and famous drink that is served in bars restaurants clubs and some other special occasions in Nigeria and this has improved and raised its popularity in Africa.
This particular drink is classical and looks exotic in nature. It is a combination of different fruits and drinks that form it with a refreshing zesty taste.

Cocktail parties now use this drink to make toast and even though this drink has been around for a long time its popularity suddenly started going viral at the moment.

I discovered that at a friend’s wedding in 2015 where a lot of people were lining up to get this Chapman drink. trust me we ever handle the contract for that drink meant a lot of money because she’s satisfied the crowd of over 300 people comfortably.

How to produce Chapman drink

A rare idea suggests that if you set up a small bar where people can eat small chops like meat pie, chin chin, doughnuts, then with Chapman drink for a wonderful combination a lot of people will be in attendance.

You’ll be able to make a lot of sales because of the popularity of this drink and the fact that several people love it.

Another way you can venture into this business is to get contracts to produce and supply Chapman drinks in ceremonies like birthday, wedding, naming ceremonies and others. for you to go into the commercial production of this drink you have to learn everything about it and I would suggest you meet a professional that will put you through in this field in order to start up the business aspect of it.

How to produce Chapman drink

the people that are with the opinion that there is no Chapman drink without angostura, well for me I think is their personal opinion. for most people that are not alcohol, love is you can always make your Chapman drink without Campari or angostura.

You can always use ginger as a substitute but one thing I must warn you about it is that it will have a different taste from the normal Chapman that is being produced with angostura bitters.
The best of Chapman drink could be made with the addition of several laborious fruits to it.

Ingredients for Chapman drink

  • 1 bottle of spirit
  • 1 bottle of Fanta
  •  bitter lemon (1 bottle)
  • A few drops of ginger drink or Angostura bitters
  • 1 cup of Ribera drink or black currant
  • Grenadine syrup
  • Ice cubes
  • Fruits needed for garnishing (pineapple, lime, cucumber, strawberry, lemon, banana, or you can add whatever you prefer).

Procedures to make the drink

if you make sure you have your ice cube ready before you start making Chapman drink. You can make use of drinks like Fanta or Ribena to prepare it.

I haven’t been so great that you will make sure the final drop of drink will test as quality as the first one but if you make use of water when it has melted the dream could become diluted and taste flavoured only.

Follow these steps:

  1. Get your Fanta, pour it into a jug or mug.
  2. Add bitter lemon drink and sprite and start stirring.
  3. Pour 1 cup of blackcurrant drink and start stirring.
  4. Add little quantity of ginger or angostura bitters.
  5. Just according to your preference add grenadine syrup but check the colour why I didn’t because the more quantity you add, the more the colour changes to red.
  6. Refrigerate the drink
  7. Cut the fruits you bought into your preferred sizes.
  8. Get a glass
  9. Pour the ice cubes in it.
  10. Add some of the fruits.
  11. Pour the refrigerated drink into the glass.
  12. Insert straw and serve.

Reasons to venture into this business

here are some reasons that will convince you into doing this the business.

  • This drink has huge profits.
  • It is a highly demanded drinks by many people in Nigeria.
  • it’s only a few people that are doing Chapman doing business in a commercial quantity.
  • This business requires little capital which means it’s not capital intensive.
  • This Chapman drink is not a common drink and as I said before it looks exotic and classical so people with high taste would like to patronize you.

The profitability of this business

this business is a highly profitable one because several people are willing to pay to take this drink.
Especially this fruity and natural one not the ones in plastic bottles.

If you have as low as N10000 you can easily start up this business. The profitability is very high because you can sell just a cup for N500 or more because this depends on the location where your business is situated in and the type of people that are coming to your place.

However, you should make sure you’re not carried away to charge much because this business thrives solely on turnovers to make high profit. So the more you get more customers the higher profit you make.

When you get a contract to prepare Chapman drinks for an occasion you can charge the Host judging from his personality and the kind of guests he’s expecting.

You will need an ice cube box to preserve your ice cubes because it has to be in good shape till you have finished serving people no matter how long it will take.

For the best taste you need to serve the Chapman drink you prepared immediately because it will maintain its pressure/gas contents.

Angostura bitters or Campari makes your drink get some kind of bitter but it’s optional to put it.
If you cannot find grenadine to buy then you can always make use of red currants to change the colour but one thing you should know is that the taste will be different.



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