How To Start Cup Cake Business


There are several ventures that you can begin with little cash from home, and one of them is cake making. However, We will concentrate on how to produce and sell cupcakes for the sake of this post.

As you may already know, cupcakes are small-sized cakes that are usually not decorated like wedding or birthday cakes but are usually attractive, tasty, and fancy.

To start a cupcake enterprise, you don’t need much, just your commitment and some other things I will be sharing with you in this article.

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Do you know that cupcakes are one of the few tasty and fancy snacks loved by both children and adults?. Been a lightweight and delicious pastry, a cupcake can be consumed any time of the day and so if you are worried about sales, be sure that patronage will not be a problem provided you are properly located and enlightened enough.

In fact, cupcakes are frequently used as desserts at parties, meetings, special events, and at home, so when you have the right advertising strategy and a good network of people, you will enjoy good patronage for a start and massive demand as your business grows.

Very importantly, you need to note that It is advisable to begin your business on a small scale, do you know why? When you start small, it becomes easy for you to duplicate the same procedures of products in larger quantities.
Also, starting small will avail you the good opportunity to study the business tendencies and gather valuable experiences before you eventually expand your business.

Steps To Make Cup Cakes

First, these are the ingredients you need with their appropriate measurements:

Flour 500g
8 Big Eggs
Margarine 400g
I Teaspoon Of Baking Powder
Vanilla Flavor
Cake Pan
Oven(you can use a gas oven or an electric oven)

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Cup Cake Making Procedures
Pour out your sugar and margarine into a big clean bowl

Get another clean bowl, break the eggs into it and whisk properly,

Gently sieve the measured flour and baking powder into a clean bowl


Apply oil on your pans

Heat up the oven

Ensure that you wash your hands meticulously to avoid particles of sand getting into the cake mixture.

Now properly mix the margarine and sugar with a wooden stick in a circular form until it becomes fluffy. (It will be easier if you can buy a mixer for this).

After mixing the sugar and margarine, pour in the whisked egg and keep stirring. Then add the baking powder and sieved flour and continue turning.
As soon as everything is properly mixed, pour out the batter into your baking pan and allow it to rise for some time.

Finally, you can now bake the mixture in the oven

Important Tips On How To Start Cupcake Business

1. Just before you go into cupcake making fully, you need to first choose a niche, get approval/license from the appropriate authorities, buy the necessary equipment you will be needed, be ready to advertise with the word of your mouth and then be completely sure you are good at baking, if not learn from a professional who has been in the business for years, so you can also gather experience.

Also, make sure your own cupcake stand out from others, decide what factor you want to use in attracting customers, you can offer your cupcake at cheaper prices, or make it tastier than the regular ones.

2. Decide on how you want to market your cupcakes, do you intend to supply them to stores, or do you want to sell them from home, analyze your marketing style.

Asides from telling people about your cupcakes with your mouth, You can also promote them on your social media handles like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You can even create an ad page on Facebook where you can advertise to a larger number of people.

Some of the equipment, you will need are mixers, muffin cups, ingredients, and branded bags and boxes.

3. Most importantly, have a bigger picture in mind for your cupcake business, and that is where a business plan comes in, it is good to have a business plan for your cupcake business so that you have a blueprint to follow in your business. So get a plan and don’t just think about selling for survival now, think big! Also, see how to save or raise money to start a business.


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