How To Start Dog Business In Nigeria


Dog breeding business is one of Nigeria’s most lucrative ventures. It’s quite possible that this will sound strange or incredible to some people but dog breeding can actually bring you millions of naira on a yearly basis with the investment of small capital.

Are you aware that Rottweiler now sells for over N90,000 in Nigeria?

Do you also know that a Dobberman dog goes for over 110,000 naira and that a pure breed boar male puppy presently sells for over N100,000?

Now let’s visualize that you are breeding hundreds of dogs that go for these prices, without doubts, you will be earning millions of naira every year.

In the next lines below, I will be sharing with you facts on how you can start your own dog breeding business in Nigeria.

1. Seek The Advice Of A Veterinary Doctor

Before you make any investment in this unique business, ensure that you seek the advice of a veterinary doctor who can properly guide you on the breed of dog you should purchase for a start.

He or she will also acquaint you about the breeds that are available in the country and how easy or hard it is to nurture them.

You can even establish a good friendship relationship with a veterinary doctor so that the individual can be helpful for a long period of time.

2. Choose Your Target Market

As soon as you have gotten professional counsel from a veterinary doctor regarding the kind of dogs you should breed, the next thing you should do is to decide your target market.

Some people who have been into this business sell their dogs to the police, some to the military, and some other fellows decide to sell to all persons available.

You can even decide that you will only sell them to families as pets.

In case you have the intention of selling to the military, note that the dogs have to be big enough and look mature before you can get customers in this area.

3. Begin Your Dog Business With An Easy To Raise Breed

First, in this section, make sure you construct a dog house along with a quarantine section.

This is so important in case of disease Outbreak amongst the dogs, (meanwhile, whenever you notice there’s an outbreak, immediately separate the infected dogs from the healthy dogs. You are expected to keep the infected dogs in the quarantine house).

Also, the quarantine house you will be constructing has to have enough ventilation, it should have a shield so that the dogs will not be disturbed by rain.

Now to the point of easy to raise dog breed, make sure the dog type you are starting a business with, is the easy to raise dog category.

Don’t start with the dogs that will consume all your capital. Some of those high-class dogs are even very expensive to manage and more difficult to sell-off.
Examples of such dogs are:


2. Rottweilers

3.Irish wolfhound

4. Chowchow

5.Tibetan mastiff

On the other hand, the cheaper and easy to raise breeds are:

1. Beagle

2. Bichon Fries

3. German Shepherd

4. Dobberman

5. Collie

4. Set A Budget.

Just like humans, dogs need certain things to survive and to grow big and healthy.

You have to acquire some equipment that is important to the well being of the animals.

Asides this, you also have to make ready their food substance, and leashes for their necks.

You see, all these require a good amount of money which may get you discouraged and wanting to give up.

So I will advise that you do proper budget planning that best suits your income.

That way the dogs will be well taken care of and you also will be in the right frame of mind to grow the business.

5. Season Of Reproduction

After you must have constructed the dog house, and bought the proper equipment to nurture the dogs, the next step to take is to buy a mature female and male dog of your choice of breed, then exercise patience.

As soon as the mature dogs start to produce offspring, try as much as possible NOT to give them names, let that be the duty of those you will sell the dogs to, because it can be quite frustrating when someone wants to change names for dogs. So let them be without names.

5. Consult Your Veterinary Doctor For Regular Checkups

As stated earlier, you will need the service of a Veterinary Doctor very much. That’s why it’s advisable that you make one your friend or partner.

The Doctor will be responsible for doing regular check-ups for the dogs.
It’s good if this is done on a weekly basis, so you can be alerted quickly if there’s any danger in the animals before it spreads.

More so, ensure that you do not hire a quack Veterinary doctor or one who has no experience with dogs, since the animals you are dealing with are dogs, hire a doctor who has a good level of knowledge in dog care.

6. Showcase Your Business

The business has definitely started and it should be getting more interesting with the arrival of your new set of puppies, so its time to showcase your business, tell those around you and let them start the advert for you.

Asides that, you should also create an attractive and user-friendly website, upload pictures of your puppies, and put all necessary information that potential buyers will be interested in. Don’t forget to add your contacts and payment options.

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough resources to achieve this, use your already created socials media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, tell the world what you do there, upload lovely pictures of the puppies, you can decide to attach prizes to the dogs or simply tell the potential customers to contact you on phone.

Thanks to social media, things are now faster, easier, and better than before. it will amaze you the number of orders you will get.

There you go! Set your mind on the goal, don’t be discouraged by your fears, be focused till the end, arise and achieve your dreams.


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