How To Start Fast Food Business In Nigeria & Ghana


As we all know, Food is a fundamental human need, and this is the simple reason why every company in the food line is Often the most lucrative, especially in Nigeria,
Where many people do not have the free time to cook their meals so they simply depend on fast-food to provide them delicious meals every day.

Are you aware that the several big fast-food firms you see today began as a small food enterprise and gradually developed to been major food service providers?
There are countless examples in the country and other countries of the world.

However, for you to be successful in this fast-food business, you need to do proper and strategic planning.
Also, be ready to put in all required efforts without relenting.

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In this post, we will be sharing with you factors you need to put in place to start and eventually succeed in the fast-food business

These are steps you need to follow when starting up a fast-food business.

1. Do Your Market Survey

This factor is very important when starting up any business including the fast-food business. You have to survey where you can situate your business that will favor you most.

There are some areas where fast food sells greatly, and there are areas where you shouldn’t even dare to start a fast food business there.

Also, look around and check if there are existing fast food businesses there, if there’s none, don’t get excited yet, ask questions around. It could be that someone has tried putting up a fast food restaurant there before and the business crumbled, and it could be that no one has been bold to start a restaurant in that area before.

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2. Hire A Professional Chef

The goal of starting up a fast-food company is to provide clients with quality food always. This can be considered as a mission statement for every fast food firm.

Make sure that the dishes you serve taste great.
This is important because if the meals are terrible, no one will care how good looking at the fast-food restaurant is, they will not come back.

For you to achieve this, you should
employ experienced and competent cooks.


Offer them good salaries for them to
always give you the best. Don’t compromise the quality of your food for anything.

For you to get a good meal, you may need to hire professional and skilled chefs and be ready to give them good wages/services.
This may be very expensive but It will pay off big time.

3. Have a Distinctive Menu

It should be well understood in your community that your fast-food restaurant is top-notch when it comes to rendering food services. You may be best known for cakes, snacks, local foods, continental dishes, or more. Most of the big food companies you see out there are renowned for something.

You can even jot down all the meals that you want to cook on daily basis and see to it that they are always available and fresh.

It can be very discouraging to customers when they visit your restaurant and they are displeased because you don’t have the kind of food they want.

4. Maintain Good Hygiene

This is a major rule you must abide by. Cleanliness is a major factor you cannot afford to joke about within your restaurant.

Ensure that the cleaners do their job always. All dirty plates should be packed and washed promptly. Your kitchen must be clean and neat always because most people do not like to eat in an unclean environment, so good hygiene will likely win you more customers or at the least keep the ones you have.

You should consider getting a small Tv set, a decoder, and other things that can make your eatery comfortable and lively.

5. Get Your Fast Food Business Registered

After all, said, it is expedient for you to register your business as early as possible. This will give your eatery a good edge in the food business world.
Also, when your business is registered, it will be easy for you to write and submit your business proposal to those who are willing to help financially(sponsors).

Another way to this is getting registered under an existing food company,(Franchise).
You can simply approach the management of a big company like Mr. Biggs, Sweet Sensation, Shoprite, etc, and let them know your intention to operate under their name, if you meet their requirements plus if you can pay the franchise fee, you will be approved to operate under them.

Some of the basic things you will need when starting your own food business are tables, plate washer, chair, audio player, Tv set, cable dish, cooking utensils, generator set, etc.


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