How To Start Food Canteen Business In Nigeria

When dealing with food there are many possibilities. If you cook well, there is one such chance.
You can start a company that is lucrative and successful if you have great cooking skills and can make good food.

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A food shop where you cook and sell food for people to eat can be started and you are paid to provide the services you offer.
Have you ever been in a circumstance where on some occasions you made a meal for yourself and people who visit you at home end up eating the food and commenting that it is quite tasty and delicious?
Have you helped people prepare their food for activities and gatherings and people liked what you prepared at the end of the day?

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If in these circumstances you have found yourself, then it might be a good thing to open a food canteen.

What Food Shop Basically Requires

You prepare various types of meals or simply prepare one type of meal and serve them to your customers.
The business includes having a place where people can sit conveniently and relax while they eat a delicious meal.
It is advisable that this business should start on a small scale initially, so you can start to invest with little money and after several months or years, it can then become a bigger company.
Though the food canteen business seems similar to the restaurant, there’s a little difference.
For a restaurant, you have a wide variety of local and foreign dishes, as well as a very different setting, which is more safe and comfortable.
In addition to the variety of food available, snacks and pastries are also served yet the business differs from the fast-food business.
Another concern is that both a restaurant and fast-food companies are more costly to put in place and a lot of money would be needed to begin.
So you can start a food canteen business when you are good at cooking, and you want to use your cooking skills and talents to earn some good cash.

Benefits Of Food Canteen Businesses

First, there are strong demands for food everywhere because people must always feed for life and hunger at least. They go out to find a place to have a meal in order to meet these needs.
Also, some people can be good at cooking but are so busy because of work and other events that they barely have any time to prepare food for themselves and are therefore willing to from a canteen.
Besides, it’s very easy for certain people to eat outside because they may not be able to prepare their own meals or simply find cooking highly stressful.
From the start, your main focus should be on making a series of local dishes. Some of them are Eba, Fufu, Amala, Pounded yam, etc.
Others are; Rice, Beans, Yam.
Guidelines For Starting Food Canteen Business

First Step: Know How To Cook


As mentioned before, if you can cook, this will be a good business for you to do. Also, you can brush up your cooking skills and develop them a lot if you are not a good cook, but still want to do this business.
To achieve this, you will need to locate a good catering school where you can get all the necessary training or you can simply learn from someone who has good experience in catering.
This will help you a great deal in your company, helping you to grow and to excel.

Second Step: Create A Business Plan For Your Canteen

The next step you should take is to create a strong business plan covering the production strategies, the financing, and marketing strategies.
Also, before you launch out, it is advisable that you perform a feasibility study to link and find any loophole that you missed when conceiving the idea.
This will greatly help you get the right location when you want to buy your foodstuffs and cooking wares.

Third Step: Determine Your Location

This is yet another crucial factor to consider when thinking of a business idea because it is a major feature that will determine if the business will end up in success or failure.
In determining your food canteen location, make sure that there are a good number of companies, industries or factories with activities and many people in the area so you can be very sure of a good number of daily patronage.
However, if you want to consider staying in a residential area for reasons best known to you, look around and make sure the level of competition is extremely low.

Fourth Step: Get It Registered

Although several business owners ignore this important procedure I will sincerely advise you to go through this process once and for all.
Simply get it registered under the renowned Corporate Affairs Commission and locate other local regulatory bodies for an appropriate license.
Meanwhile, you may be instructed to follow some long processes, make sure you endure through, at the end you will be glad you did.

Step 5: Recruit New Workers

Were you thinking that you will be able to handle this by yourself? Not sure! The food business is one of the tough businesses that require the service of more than a single person.
So employ at least two persons depending on the size of the shop and as time goes by, you can employ more so that your customers will be well attended to on time.
Also, ensure that the people you are recruiting are not apprentices in cooking, they should be well informed about catering. As a matter of truth, part of their interview should be cooking test so you can test their cooking abilities.
In addition, they should be neat, highly presentable and respectful because all these will determine the caliber of people that will patronize your shop.

Step 6: Showcase Your Business

The easiest way to achieve this is to ensure that nothing short of the best comes out of your canteen.
And much more than this, you can some other promotions like promoting fliers, posters and doing personal advertising to reputable companies and organizations around you.
You can even offer to do office delivery for those who are interested.


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