How to start Footwear Business Ideas of 2021


This write up is about how to start footwear business ideas of 2021. It contains all the information you need to know in order to create a successful shoe company! You will learn how much money it will cost, what kind of materials are needed, where you can find the best deals for materials and more!

A shoe company is a business that sells footwear. To start your own successful shoe brand, you need creative design skills in production and marketing. It’s also very important when finding out how much money it will cost for the first time which kinds of material are best for producing sales as well as what types of offers work best with this type of business. So let’s get right into it!


We would look at different factors that will help you start a successful footwear business in Nigeria, all this factors will help you start a good footwear business make sure you follow all the steps carefully before starting out your footwear business.

The following are the factors you need to consider before setting out for your footwear business and they are as follows;


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Write out and state your mission statement

This should be the first thing to do before you start your footwear business in Nigeria.  This will help you create the foundation of your business and it should be a clear statement about what you want to achieve with this business so that at any point, if needed, you can refer back to it for guidance on how best to proceed.

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Understudy others and also find a mentor

Take out time to study the business and also find a mentor who teach you about the ins and outs of this business.

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A mentor will help you with things such as how to be successful in the footwear industry, the best way to set up your shop for success at a low cost starting point among other things that are helpful when it comes to running this type of business.

Find out about any legal implications involved

There may be some requirements by law or regulation which needs to be fulfilled before one can start their own footwear business so find out more about these laws from information providers such as law firms, solicitors etc. you could also ask someone who is currently operating on those lines what they think would work better for you based on your situation because there are different types of businesses depending on where one lives and what time of business you wish to start.


Find a location that suits you and your budget

As the owner of this business, it is important for one to have control over most aspects including finances. When selecting an area in which they want their shop located, make sure it has good access with parking available as well as being accessible by public transport options if needed also. How much does rent or mortgage cost? is there anything that needs renovating before opening up one’s footwear store so how will these costs affect your monthly expenses such as what would be spent on utilities etc.? Find out more about all these factors because many people are not aware of them either until after the business has been established.


Who are your Competition?

You need to identify your competition and find out their pricing. One also needs to research and know about the different types of footwear brands available in market so that they can decide which one will be more profitable for them.


What are your expectations from this business?

Find a good location where you want your store, make sure to get all necessary licenses and permits, hire staff who have good knowledge about the product you are selling, identify competition’s weaknesses but not copy anything because it is illegal and start promoting. With these steps finalized then expect profits coming in soon enough!


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You might want to consider franchising when starting out in your footwear businesses. This will give you the opportunity to leverage an established brand and build a customer base, which is almost impossible to replicate from scratch.



Marketing is a process of given your business visibility, you will need to consider  what is the best way for you to promote your business in accordance with what your target market wants and needs.

Social media marketing: Social media marketing revolves around utilizing social networking sites, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. You need to have a presence on these platforms if you want to attract customers from this market segment because it’s how they are used to staying connected with friends and family members.

Blogging: Blogging falls under two broad categories – one of them being either an expert blog (e.g., personal finance) or general blogging (e.g., lifestyle). In both cases, the bloggers are looking for readers who can offer feedback on their ideas about a particular topic that interests them which will lead them into creating a product or service to sell.

Expert Blog: If you are an expert in a certain field, then this could be the best option for you because it doesn’t really involve heavy marketing and there is already demand from people who want your advice.

– General Blogging: This type of blogging involves writing articles about topics that interest you and sharing them with other bloggers or readers through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Product Creation: Product creation is one of the methods used by small businesses to create their own unique products which they can use as offerings on their website or resell online. You need to have some degree of expertise in order for this method to work well so if you run a shoe business, make sure that shoes are of high quality and well made.

Staff strength

You will need to consider if you will be the only one running this business or if you will be hiring staff to do some of the work.

Spending consideration

This is an important factor in starting any type of small business, especially a footwear company as it can quickly impact your finances and cash flow.

Potential Customers: You need to have a target market for your customers before deciding on what types of shoes you want to make since different countries will prefer different styles. For example, China prefers high heels whereas Europe would rather see boots that are flat with rubber soles instead.


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Localization: The localization process involves researching every detail about each country’s culture so that your product has more appeal when marketed across borders which means there should be something specific about your product that is tailored to the culture.



This is another factor you need to consider when starting out your footwear business, you need to consider where you will source your materials from since there are many different countries, each having its own rules and regulations.


This is the process of making a product according to the company’s specifications.  The production costs will depend on what type of shoe you want to make with some being cheaper than others such as flats or heels for example. when it comes to high-end footwear, this can be very expensive because they require more care in terms of design and quality control during manufacturing which means that they need to spend more time designing shoes before reaching their final stage but also use better techniques when it comes down to crafting them so that not all parts are alike. Moreover, if using different raw materials then these will have an impact on the pricing.



This few steps highlighted above when deployed before starting out your footwear business will surely guaranteed your success, kindly help share this write up with your social media network and if you any suggestion drop your comments below.


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