How to start frozen chicken business in Nigeria


Today on Dailymedia, I’ll guide you through the process on how to start up a frozen chicken business in Nigeria. This line of business is not rampant because any Street you can only see like two frozen chicken sellers and due to the product is in high demand they sell out easily.

You’d hardly see anyone who doesn’t like chicken and most families buy this to cook on a daily basis. Using frozen chicken and turkey to cook is very easy and that is why several people choose it because you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying the life chicken, slaughtering it, removing feathers with hot water, and even the dissecting of the chicken and two different parts.

The prices of frozen chicken and turkey are now very hard in Nigeria and that is why you will make a lot of profits investing in this business. this post will be taught how to set up this business and operate it and how to easily reach out to your customers and market your chicken.

Advantages of chicken consumption

Maybe you would love to know about the benefits of consuming frozen chicken to the body before you venture into the business.

Consumption of chicken is a very huge source of protein which will help in building your skin, veins, ligaments, and muscles.

Aside from the fact that chicken stew is very spicy and tasty which makes a lot of people love it, it is also known to be a very rich source of calcium. It builds and forces stalls bone damage.

Anyone can eat chicken because the bone is very soft when boiled well and the marrow gives extra nutrients to the body. During these bones from chicken helps give you strong teeth.

Chicken is rich in phosphorus we should help in developing strong kidney, liver, bones, and teeth in your body.
Chicken consumption increases the metabolic performance of the body. It also gives you increased energy level and improves your healthy blood vessels. Chicken is a source of vitamin B2 the body and this will aid in the prevention of cancer. It improves healthy vision and due to the zinc content, it will help you gain a good appetite.

Frozen chicken business is very profitable in Nigeria and a good businessman there are people who have invested 50,000 to start it up and today they are earning up to N80,000 from it. there are several food vendors, restaurants, fast food joints, hotels, bars, and others that are all over Lagos State and Nigeria in general.

These business places are always in need of chicken to make their exquisite dishes and if you could be their supplier I bet you you’ll be definitely rich. There are also several parties and occasions like owambes all over the country where food is being served. And there is no ceremony that won’t have Rice and chicken on its menu.

This is because of the popular opinion that using a chicken to cook and on occasion shoes the financial capability of the host.

There are very few poultry farmers in Nigeria in comparison with the Nigerian population. the current Nigerian government has put a ban on the importation of chicken and that is why the supply has been badly affected.

Outsource the number of birds like chicken being raised in the country is still below the demand rate of chicken consumption and this poses a huge problem for the masses and the government. there are several ways to become an investor in this line of business you can do it by find chicken directly from poultry farmers or by raising the chickens yourself.

The reason why you should freeze your chicken is that it keeps it in atrichous and approve selves the freshness and texture of the meat. When a chicken is Frozen a prevents the fluid inside the meat from changing into a crystal which will cause the meat to deteriorate.

Equipment to get for Frozen chicken business

  • Freezers
  • Cold room (optional)
  • Generator
  • Knives
  • Table
  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Chisel
  • Apron
  • Bowls
  • Water pot
  • Water
  • Nylon
  • Sealing machine
  • Pots
  • Stove/kerosene or gas cooker
  • Mobility

Raising chickens for your business

You can easily raise your own chicken for your frozen chicken business. Noiler birds I said to be the best for frozen chicken business because of their body size. They’re said to be very fleshy even more than that of cockerels. It is even said that the taste more than broilers.

The specie of chickens has more meat and are very resistant to diseases with a zero mortality rate. The broiler is also recommended due to the reason that it gains weight of 1.5kg just within 6-8 weeks.
Broiler meat can also be used for your frozen chicken business because it has soft meat like the boilers.

Raise your chickens and give them time to grow then with two to three weeks spacing control the distributions and reap the proceeds from them.

Reason to invest in the frozen chicken business

  1. It is a very profitable business venture most especially when you raise the chickens yourself as a poultry farmer.
  2. You can always have a small start and grow at your pace.
  3. People seek to buy chicken on a daily basis so you would always be in the sale.

Earnings from frozen chicken business

People make a lot of profit from this business. Take for instance you use the method of raising the bird yourself, the cost of raising a chicken is N800 but you sell at N2000 each leaving you at a profit of N1,200.

If you have raised 100 chickens which means you will have N120,000 but after the subtraction of your expenses you might be left with N100,000. So the more you trade on birds the higher profits you gain.

If you don’t forget that during festive periods like Easter, New year, Christmas, and Sallah celebrations are going to sell at a higher price due to the rush.

I hope my recommendation and guide help you to go through the process of setting up your business easily without passing through challenges that you’re not prepared for.


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