How to start grain business in NIgeria


In this post, you be learning how to start your grains storage business here in Nigeria in a rapid step. There are some essential things you should know before starting this business so with all pleasure I would like to tell you that this business is a very easy way of making a lot of money within a year, people have made millions out of it you just have to utilize the opportunity very well.

What you need to do to make money in this business is by grains when there is surplus all fit in the market then wait for the period of scarcity when you sell it. That way you make a lot of money because agricultural products appreciate more due to a shortage in the market and this is caused by the seasons of the food. During harvest season food is bountiful and in excess but later on, it reduces drastically.

It is known that farmers don’t usually preserve their crops and products because they have to sell it out and solve their pressing issues. This is an opportunity for investors in agriculture to make a lot of money because statistics have revealed that green storage causes of 200% increase in profit yield which makes it very lucrative and given the return on investment.

The prices of farm products have been increasing ever since in Nigeria this has gone on for up to five years now. Some producers appreciate between 50 to 100% of local farm gates to the local market and it reaches the international market.

This presents an opportunity that will increase the value chain of agricultural investors in Nigeria. These are the constituents of agricultural value chain: it begins with the Farmers to middlemen to market traders two processes to distributors to retailers and finally the consumers.

Do the difference is a margin of profit but the profit also spread out throughout the levels of the value chain. However, people that make more money in this line of business are the distributors, the market traders, and the processors.
Those that are in control of the prices make the highest profit and they are the market traders.

it is a shocking fact that those that are involved in this grain business make more profits than the Farmers ever did. This is a huge way of getting returns in your money rather than keeping it in the bank while it appreciates in value coupled with the fact that no bank will give you up to 50% of your fixed deposit in just six months.

Buying and selling of grain

This grain storage business is known to be the process where agricultural commodities are being bought at a low price either from the wholesalers or directly from the farmers then this product is being stored and sold when the sample this is no longer in season or in the market and that time the price increases sporadically. During the harvest, It is very obvious because all farm produce is available and is in excess but later on it becomes scarce.

List of Grains

there are several species of greens that could be used in this business and be stored for sales and they are:

  • Melon
  • Beans
  • Maize
  • Sesame seeds
  • groundnut
  • Millet
  • Ogbono
  • Soya beans
  • Sorghum
  • Bambara nut (Okpa)

We can split them into different groups:

  1. Mainly for export
  2. Feed mill sector
    Soya beans
    Guinea corn

  3. Commodity:
    Only for retailers and consumers

Dry pepper

Best purchase period for grain and crops

Bambara nuts (okpa)
Soya beans




Best purchase period for grain and crops

Now that you have a clearer view on this grain storage business then I’ll take my time to explain how beans storage works.

Beans can also be known as cowpea and it has several varieties with different content of protein. It also has different price ranges and the most common type of beans are; iron, honey, orobo, and company. it is the market demand and seed quality that determines the price of beans. there are two major colors that you can always see in Nigeria and they are white and brown beans. You can easily find the white beans in the northern part of Nigeria because it’s been predominantly grown there. There are very few parts of the country that grow and harvest brown beans and it is known to be more expensive.

It is very important that he knows how preservation is a major factor in this line of business. Using the most effective preservation method you can easily make a lot of money but if you don’t you will lose money. The value of beans drops automatically especially when it gets infested.

When the harvest period of beans comes you can easily buy a bag of beans very cheap for as low as N20000 and then you can sell it for more than 40 thousand naira when it’s not the season of beans. There are times I would have to travel to Adamawa state or even go as far as Taraba state in order to get beans that I will store.
for a small scale storage business you can easily store in drums and keep them in your garage or under your tree but make sure that it is well sealed in order to avoid infestation by pests. The bags can easily be stored in a well-ventilated environment.

Agricultural investors in this Grain business have preservatives for beans and these preservatives are made with chemicals that have their expiry dates. The expiry date might be just for three months or might be up to six months’ duration.

Where to buy grains (beans)?

If you’re looking for where to easily buy beans then you don’t have to worry as I will drop them here for you. you can easily buy brown beans in very large quantities in Adamawa and Taraba state in northern Nigeria. You can also buy beans from northern states like niger, nasarawa, Kaduna, kano, and Bauchi.

it is also very important that you take note of the cancerous effect of the chemicals used in preserving beans or other types of grains. Residual chemicals being retained in those grains and consumers consume them without knowing.
however, you can easily preserve your own beans or any type of grain at all without using any chemical.



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