How to start insecticide production


On this post, will be looking at ways to make money from business-like insecticide production in Nigeria. This post strives to address the way you can easily earn a lot of money from insecticides production in Nigeria.
but before we delve into the production business and how to make money from it it is very important to understand the terminologies involved in this topic.

What are insecticides?

Of course, you know what insects are but many don’t know is that insecticide is those chemicals that are in form of liquid or gas I might even be in a powder form which are used to kill specifically insects. The insecticides don’t kill insects instead they repel them. what this means is that when do insects noticed that insecticide like that has been applied in some areas they will stay off it.
Lucrativeness of insecticide business in Nigeria

A lot of people use insecticides in Nigeria. This is because of the bad environment of several regions in Nigeria and then the climactic nature of the country. There’s been no place I’ve stayed in this country that I have not seen insecticide being in use. All fours that you should be aware that mosquito is heavily associated with Africa and that is our major enemy. So, a lot of people use an insecticide to prevent getting malaria. the use of insecticide in Nigeria is inevitable because there are a lot of bugs and mosquitoes that are everywhere in the country it doesn’t matter where you stay whether you’re rich or poor you might have to spray insecticide.
Is because it’s very important you avoid sickness that ticks insects generate because the sickness turns to hospitals which in turn translates to medical bills. so we do reason I’ve given up of you would understand why this insecticides production business thrives in Nigeria. yes, that might be a lot of producers but in your area, you can always stand out in the competition all by making sure that your product is top-notch quality then with time your customer base will expand.

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Reason to go for Liquid insecticide
Things are very expensive currently in Nigeria especially these days that it doesn’t stop the keeps getting worse so most people are looking for ways to save cost. it is to the extent that car owners are leaving it at home just to use public transport to save cost.
People are always finding cheaper ways of living especially in a bad economy. So in this line of business, you can always help by making liquid insecticides. The popular kind of insects that you know today in the market like baygon or raid e.t.c I’ve gotten more expensive as their prices have risen so people are looking for cheaper ones and these less expensive ones and nowhere to be found so what if you can step in to solve the problem and as well as make money in the process it would be a great opportunity.

The benefits of having liquid insecticide are that it is very flexible and portable and if you have very good packaging it will look very good and it puts you at a more professional position. In this line of business, there are several cost-effective creative branding techniques you can try out this means packaging your product in a very efficient but cheap manner. a Nigerian stop mind so far that they are getting what they want inside the container.
It is said that top-notch business ideas are circumstantial and due to the circumstance of the economy if you just have to take the opportunity and find how to make the best out of it.


Value creation

One thing I should actually take seriously is value creation in any projects you’re trying to venture. what this means is that when you make a product that does not create value to the users then there is no need to do it in the first place because no one would like to go for it and it’s not meant for the market.

The question is without value why would anyone want to buy your products?
Why would even you the producer want to purchase that product?
In this line of business what you consider as value creation is that the insecticide which is the product that you are selling to this people must have to be in pocket-friendly and affordable then it should also be reliable in killing these insects for which they’re buying insecticides for so in return on your own side the value being created is for profit-making.
Why I told you to choose liquid insecticides is that below is the packaging cost than the production costs and that way it won’t affect the consumers of the product because of the cheaper prices.
So the only thing that will stop your users from going back to spray insecticide is if your product is reliable effective and of good quality. If your product possesses all of these qualities I don’t see any reason why your customers will have to leave your products for spray insecticide.
How to make insecticide
In this part of the Post, I’ll be teaching you how to make these liquid insecticides. just make sure you follow this guide and you won’t encounter any difficulty at all in the process of production.
In a case where you have a question or you encounter difficulty, he always place a comment and In the comment box below.

Here is the most popular way to make insecticide for both home and agricultural use;
Materials needed:
.1. Molten Rosen
2. Caustic soda
3. A pot
4. Soya bean oil
5. Sodium
6. Borax
7. Cresol
8. Creosote Casein
9. Castor oil
10. Tar acid

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1. Please your Pot on fire after adding a small quantity of water that will boil 33% caustic soda.
2. Then you should add to your essential oil like soyabean oil or castor oil a caustic soda boiling solution.
3. Put molten rosin. Add as you like.
4. while in the process of being bees steps above you should also make sure your pot is on fire. Take some boiling water and pour it into the foam insulation that you have to enable it to dissolve.
5. The next thing you should do is to pour your cresole and creosote.
6. Keep stirring and add borax to the mixture.
7. you could have easily done these using another method by dissolving casein first in water and add borax later.
8. Filter gently and add cresol and creosote.
Then your insecticide is ready.



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