How to start kunu drink business in Nigeria



In this post, you’ll be learning how to start up your kunu drink business with ease. This particular drink is non-alcoholic and it is a product of millet grains. You can also produce this drink from maize and sorghum.
I use miss or millet to prepare this drink it will be in white colour but when you add some to it then the color turns Brown it makes the brand of the kunu drink to be two.

This kunu drink is not to have come from there a northern part of Nigerian people love it so much. there are people that already addicted to it so much that they can’t stay a whole day without it.

The millet used in the production of this drink is enriched in nutrients and natural vitamins like vitamin b, starch, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, and magnesium.

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This kunu drink adds fat to one’s body but it is the natural and healthy kind of fat that will keep you fit.

Starting up this drink business is specifically for people that love personal business and due to the demand in products, it won’t be difficult for you to get customers.
Kunu Aya drink business is just like a zobo business venture and is a profitable one.

Kunu drink is made from a mixture which contained coconut water, date, and tiger nuts which you can call Earth almond.

Tiger but is a rare grass but it also has been found in places like North Africa where they consume it as a nut then in Spain it is used in producing the chufa drink. Down here in Nigeria tiger nut is been consumed as both north and drink in form of Kunu Aya.

Tiger nut in Nigeria

There are several tribes in Nigeria and they have special names for the tiger nuts. In the northern part of Nigeria Hausa to be precise it is being called Aya. In the western part of Nigeria, the Yorubas referred to it as ofio while in the Eastern Nigeria Igbos call it Imumu and Calabar call it Isip Isong. Tiger nuts though being called nuts are not really nuts but tubers and this is because of the chemical composition with a blend of characteristics which they share with nuts and tubers.

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During the processing of the kunu drink, they are being sieved out and if dried it can be used in making flour that is gluten-free if you can use as additional fibre when you try to make smoothies like cereals and pap etc.

Though there are many benefits you can game from taking tiger nuts but let’s look at how to combine other nutritious and more beneficial nuts to make it more healthy.

These are ingredients and materials that are needed to produce tigernut drinks:

Aya (Tiger nut)

Debino (Dates)

Coconut (optional)

Chiffon  (for sieving)

Water, bowl, grinder and container

3 cups millet

1 tablespoon ginger ( fresh or dried)

1 tablespoon black pepper/cloves


Sugar to taste

Vanilla essence ( optional)

2 liters of water

How to start kunu drink business

Just like it is important to have some information beforehand prior to joining any business I would also make a recommendation regarding things to no before you start up your Kunu drink business in Nigeria and this will help you a lot in avoiding failure.

Undergo training
It is very important that you learn how to make this drink yourself because you stand to gain more when you do it yourself and earn good morning done paying someone who has already acquired the skill to produce the drink for you and you still earn the same money.

a reason if you learn how to produce this drink is that it will cut costs for you so that rather than paying someone else to do it you will save your money and use it for other things. you might want to handle yourself because the moment you place it under somebody else control they might act as they like and not take it as seriously as you would have.

Meet experienced people

It should meet people that already in this line of business as you stand to gain more from their knowledge. Be sure to discuss everything about this business with them and be open to suggestions. when you discuss with experience people you will get to know more about the challenges you will face in this line of business and be prepared ahead of time.

Get capital

every business in Nigeria needs capital especially with the way the economy is going things are really hard so you have to make provision for the capital to finance the project and my quick suggestion is you also create an account in a bank where you deposit the profit of the business as this will help you to keep an eye on the business growth.

Get necessary items

there are some basic things you require in order to start this business and they include refrigerator, Sieve, cooler, basins, and steel spoons. If you don’t have some of these items then you should get them in the market. And these items are solely for his new business.

Get a name

A brand name is required for any business in Nigeria and around the globe so it is essential that you get a brand name for your drink business. Usually, people form their business name from their personal name or you can do whatever appeals to you and would easily sell your market.

Register your brand

It is necessary that you register your new business with the corporate affairs commission. you can always register it as a business name and not as a limited liability company since it’s a small business. The price to register your business name is not more than N20000. Once you’ve done this the name in choose who was specially reserved for you and it will secure your business.

Get NAFDAC approval

Since we are dealing with consumable which might affect the health it is very important that you gain NAFDAC approval for your drinks. it will have to go through inspection and registration from government and after that, you get a registration number and once this is done you are certified.

Reason being that a lot of people are scared of buying things that are not registered with NAFDAC because of the several infections and diseases people gain from fake products in Nigeria.

Getting your business registered with the government will assure your customers that they are safe with your products and will recommend you to several others.



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