How to start lettuce and potato farming


It is very important that why learning how to practice agriculture you know how to cultivate potato because it’s a very popular food crop in Nigeria. it is present in different parts of Africa and even beyond.

With regards to potato there are two types of potato species in Africa they are the Irish potato and the sweet potato. You can always decide on the one you want to cultivate however I’ll give you the guidelines with which you can easily use in farming potato in Nigeria.

Reasons to cultivate potato

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Potatoes are in high demand in Nigeria and other parts of the world because there are peculiarities with which they are prepared. I Love my potatoes fried I don’t know about you. farming potato in commercial quantity is different from ordinary planting of potato crop because of the enormous potential and boundless opportunities that await you that is why you have to take the pain to go through the whole process.

As I said earlier there is a high demand for potatoes in Nigeria especially the sweet potato that most people use this is because of the varieties of preparation of this food.

Another good reason why you should involve yourself in potato farming is because of the export value which is very high and given the recent call by the government for more agricultural farmers in Nigeria in order to meet up with the food demand in the country, this is the best chance to tap into the wealth and make money. There is a very high demand for potato crops domestically already.

You should also cultivate potato because of its high nutritional value like it has very rich fiber content and vitamins like vitamin a, c, e, k are in it. There are several other nutritional values which include riboflavin, phosphorus, calcium, and iron. Which kind of potato grows well in tropical areas which is why Nigeria is the best kind of place to involved in this farming.

Requirements for potato farming

after going through these guidelines there is no way you want to know how to farm and harvest potatoes. A way to grow potatoes is by using the shoots that you obtain from the mature plants. It is very true that potato is a tuber crop but the stem is known to grow in a great length and it’s always scattered on the ridge.

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You can support the growing stem by using Stilts to support the plans. In order to involve in this family, you need to find the right soil which will enable this crop to grow bountifully and this soil has to be loose soil that is organically rich. You should always supply and water this plant not intervals but make sure you are not farming this crop in a waterlogged area because the seed will not do well.

if you’d also tell your land as you like but decide whether you have to make ridges or mounds for the crop. These ridges or mounds should be higher in size because the potato is a tuber crop. You can always use organic manure in this farm because it will help in improving the soil structure.


How to farm potato

Make your ridge or your mound and after that what you should do is to start planting. Just like I explained above potato is a tuber crop that has no seedlings. The devil you dig a hole that is between 10 to 8 inch apart and he needs you can always put in your compost manure directly.

Plant your potato by putting it in the whole purpose than covering it with soil. The farming of potatoes should be done mostly in the raining season unless you want to consider the option of irrigation farming.

Your potato will get matured between 3 to 4 months after planting. You can always make sales of this potato by taking it directly to the market, due to its high demand they will get enough money that it is worth it.

Farming lettuce in Nigeria

one thing you should know about lettuce is that is a very popular crop which is a vegetable and it can be used in preparing varieties of foods in Nigeria.

Lettuce is always present in most foods. You can always use Littles in several ways however the most common none of them all is its use in a salad. The demand for Littles vegetable crops does not ever die. if you want to get involved in lettuce farming there are strategies which I will give you in order to enable you to carry out its function properly.

The first thing that you should do is prepare the land for lettuce farming and this is a very important part. The perfect land selection for the farming of lettuce is the Sandy loamy and well-drained soil. this is because of this type of land optimal conditions that are needed in making lettuce farming successful.

Also, soggy and waterlogged areas should be avoided at all costs. the application of organic manure is also needed in order to make the soil structure to be very rich.

You can start planting lettuce by planting it in the nursery first before transplanting when they spring up. There are other methods like planting it directly in the permanent location.

You can use any of the methods are both depending on your preference. However, before you start make sure you tell your soil and flatten it in order to ensure that the water spreads evenly. You can use toxic grass to cover the top of your nursery bed which will prevent direct rainfall sunlight or irrigation from wittering off the young plants. When you want to water your farm make sure you use a watering can.

A very important aspect of the farming of lettuce is that it requires water to survive so you need to always water it well. Watering of lettuce is being done in intervals of three to four days but during the dry season make sure you water it daily and ensure that there is no stagnant water on the farm. Also, weed and fertilize your farm.


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