How to Start mango Farming in Nigeria


In this post, we will be talking about a new type of crop farming which is mango farming. Because of the delicious taste and good flavor of mango fruits, people love it and it has become a very good venture to go into is farming. Mango possesses a high level of vitamin c and vitamin a.

One thing is you shouldn’t be scared of this venture of mango farming business because I don’t like someone that crops mango can grow and perform well in any type of soil condition and it doesn’t get affected by climate and is known to grow well in different parts of Nigeria.

The profitability margin of mango farming business is very high I want to make it so is that mango is not only being eaten here in Nigeria and abroad but also used in production of drinks and mango juice.

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Though mango farming is known to have originated in Asia, even and that this business has spread to other regions of the world. It wasn’t the east Africa that mango was introduced by the Persians but what it brought to West Africa by the Portuguese. It was during the coming of the missionaries that the mango fruit was brought to Nigeria and ever since it has become one of the most valuable economic crafts you can find in Nigeria.

Mango foods are known to consist of up to 40 percent of fruits exports in India. Mango fruit also makes up 15% of export fruits in the world. surprisingly 60% of the world production exports to middle eastern countries and the USA.

If you bring it home to Nigeria, the highest producing state of mango in Nigeria is Benue state. This is because the major occupation in the state is Farming and mango family and the state is done solely for economic purposes however they supplied mango fruits to other States in large quantities.

There are many types of mango; they’re in different shapes, color, sizes, texture, and flavor. Mango contains economic and nutritious benefits. It has 15% sugar and contains a huge quantity of vitamin b, vitamin a and vitamin c. Mango juice can also be preserved.

Nigerians consume fruits raw. Nigeria is said to be the 9th highest mango producing country but in terms of export, we are not there yet. the profitability of mango farming in Nigeria is very high due to the lesser people that are involved in it.

Most mango farmers do it for subsistence. There is no competition in this field of family one recommendation we can give is that investors entrepreneurs and government officials can make a partnership to invest in Mango farming and reap the benefits we should be beneficial to this country. this project may end up creating massive employment for the people and improve the economy of the country.

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There has been a lot of improvement in genetic technology and this involved grafted seedlings and hybrid with which you can easily run implantation without much stress. Before this development mango trees are usually 30 to 40 feet tall and can bear fruits within 7 to 8 years of growth but when the seedlings are grafted, the mango fruits become bigger in size and would bear fruit within just three years. This method gets more fruit than traditional means.

Sure in this post I’ll give you some important procedures to be aware of before you begin mango farming business in Nigeria:

Learn about the varieties


Before venturing into mango farming you should know the different kinds of mango species and be able to specify the one you would focus on. There are mangoes that are in high demand like the Alphonso (sweet) mango, kerosene mango, lippens mango, and German mango.

The foreign mango species like Palmer and Tommy mango. The most cultivated of all the commercial mangoes is the Tommy mango. There are reasons why it is the commercial mango and this includes the long shelve it has, it can stand up well to challenges like bruising, abrasion, and degradation. Mango uses consider it because of the juice because it lacks sweet flavour taste.

The palmer mango gets harvested early because of the color changes. it is very good that you know the kind of mango fruit that you want to cultivate.

Get a Farmland

It is a very important day you find a good location that has suitable soil to support your mango production. It is very true that mango developing several soil types but just as usual for cultivation loamy soil is not to be the type of soil that does the best for mango farming and this is because mango requires a type of soil which can always retain water and also dry them slowly.

Getting a good farm location entails finding the part where the future is secured for your mango fruit. The location you choose must make sure that there’s no interference between any overhead power lines or buildings and underground plumbing.

Prepare the land

they say we have to prepare your land for mango farming and this involves deep ridging, leveling, and creating slops for good drainage.
Also, ensure you space out your mango for them to be able to get enough sunlight and air for proper growth and development. you should also cut grasses and cleared the land before planting the seeds. The time in for planting of mango float is beer in July to August and then February to March for maximum yield.

Proper propagation practice

You should also have a knowledge of how the grafting of mango trees occurs so you can easily manage them when it’s time.

Grafting means transferring a tree that is bearing to separate seedling. this is one of the most successful economical and trustworthy ways of mango propagation but if you want to plant directly you can do that to your nursery bed and wait for it to grow for like 2 to 3 weeks before transplanting to the permanent site. You want to go into commercial mango farming then you should learn how to graft mango seeds.

Pest and disease control

This is a major problem for all farm products because at a very tender stage using a pest control method you can make sure your mango tree is not affected by the pest. it is to the extent that you take care of your mango tree that will determine the growth and production it will give you. there are many diseases which affect mango trees are out there and they include black bacterial spot, mango malfunction disease, bacteria flower, disease stem end rots, and phytophthora. just in case you find it very difficult to take care of your mango fruits and protect them from pest and diseases you should make sure you contact your horticulturist to help you take care of it.


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