How to Start Pap (Ogi, Akamu) Business



Pap which is popularly known as Ogi or akamu is known to be one of the favorite beverage that is being consumed by several households in Nigeria. It is produced from Guinea corn, maize, millets, and sorghum. Maize is known to be a staple food all around the world that is filled with nutrients. Maize possesses a high level of starch and also contains oils and proteins.

People mostly take this pap with bean-cake, Moi Moi, beans porridge, fries potato chips to make a balanced meal. Pap is also being used by nursing mothers to complement their food formulas for their babies.

Pap production business in Nigeria is known to be a very profitable venture and I’ll tell you why. You can always set up this business and use it to solve your financial worries while making a huge profit from it. The capital required for these businesses less than N10000 why are you you’re going to earn as much as N150,000 monthly.

If you want to start up your Pap business in Nigeria make a lot of money then you will find a required process in this post.

Below are things needed to start up the business:


  1. Dry corn
  2. Chiffon cloth
  3. Muslin bag
  4. Purified water 
  5. Buckets and Bowls

Packaging materials

  1. Packaging Nylon
  2. Packaging carton

Equipment required

  1. Drying machine
  2. Milling machine
  3. Weighing scale.
  4. Portable Nylon sealing machine.

One business is really upcoming but it is already making waves due to its distinguished packaging and demand is the Pap business.

Very soon this business will be termed dignified because it has been looked down upon for a very long time. Some people classified as a dirty job that is meant for the poor but it is actually in this point where people ignore that the real money lies.

Pap business has really been ignored for a long time and even though it is not meant to make you a millionaire overnight it is certain that it will play the way for you to become one.

Pap is known to be a residue obtained from ground greens that are fermented and this means that it is the starchy products that you see when these grains are soaked, grounded, and washed.

Trust me the end product is usually enjoyable especially when you added sugary substance and milk to flow then it becomes very tasty some people use sweetener or honey depending on your preference.

For you to start up this business you should be sure you have these materials available; oven for drying, grains, water, containers used in packaging materials, grinding machine, bowls, and sieving cloth.

Reason to venture into Pap business

There are several reasons people venture into this business but aside from the fact that you make a lot of money we shall analyze earlier you should also know it’s a business that does not need huge startup capital. You can also use this business as a side hustle.
you should also consider doing this business because it is not a stressful business as you can do it at any time of the day. It also does not have a particular season. The demand is very high so you can always sell your market at any time. People use pap as an alternative to custard. there is little stress in doing this business and with little or no experience you can easily become successful in this line of business.

Benefits of Pap

I feel that for you to be able to make sales regarding pap you should be able to know and tell your customers about the benefits of this product.

  • Pap is known to be very raw and natural.
  • It surpasses custard in its nutritional value.
  • Pap is beneficial to people who have high blood pressure because the potassium content reduces the effect.
  • Pap has fibre which aids in digestion.
  • Pap is known to be very nutritious for babies, nursing mothers, and elderly people because of its content.

Pap business profitability

The profitability in this business varies from one cell to another so getting the exit profit margin would be impossible however I would be able to make a generalization that the profit margin in this business is very high.

Let’s say you bought a bag of corn for N13,000 and sold for N50,000 and then you deduct the amount that you used in buying the bag of corn and other expenses then you should be looking at over 100% return on investment which makes this business very profitable.

if you want this business deal to be more profitable for you then you should make a contact with a farm or who sell is where you buy your grains in bags directly from them.

How to process Pap

It is very important that you learn how to process Pap before you venture into the business so I’ll be running you through the short process on how to do that when you are down here and you require more knowledge you can always find someone to teach you or on the go training for it.

  1. You should soak the grains you bought for pap in a big container like bowl for 2 days.
  2. Pour away the water you used in soaking the grain on the second day.
  3. Use a freshwater to wash and rinse them again
  4. Take the grains to grinders with big machines to grind it for you.
  5. Always remember that you always have to soak the grains for over a day and get them fermented before you grind. Reason for this is that when the grain gets well-fermented it grinds well and only the well-grounded grains will be able to produce pap. When the grains are not fermented properly they might not produce enough pap for you.
  6. When you’re done grinding the grains, pour water into the bowl and ensure the solution is watery enough.
  7. Use a scooping bowl to fetch the solution into the sieve that is in another bowl. After a few minutes, you’re done.
  8. The chaff gotten from this process can be kept for livestock feeds. The other solutions and processes to getting this pap done but the one I gave you is the simplest one to follow.

Tips for this business

there are people who are already out of business in this pap production business and this is due to their mode of processing. That is why you should be very careful while processing your pap be sure that after grinding you dry your pap immediately before mixing all the required additives.

It should also be cautious not to soak your pap for over 2 days. For you to make your pap fresh and avoid odour you should just soak it overnight.
You can also add turmeric and groundnut. Also see how to start Kunu business.



  1. chioma splenida events says

    Am interested in starting pap business,both the powdered one and the fresh one.but my problem is how do I preserve the fresh pap

  2. Oroki fruity pap says

    Just get a freezer. That’s what I do for a living or better still, start small. Make it pre order. A 2 mudul of corn will give you an equivalent size of a rubber paint pap.
    Best of luck

  3. Helen Bassey says

    How much can I sell a custard of pap, small n the medium size

  4. Linda says

    How much can I get from two mudul

  5. Sully says

    You would figure out how much you would get after you process it.

  6. Damilola says

    Pls,will I grind the groundnut,tumeric,ginger before drying.can I also add natural flavors before or after drying.God bless

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