How to Start Printing Press Business in Nigeria


In this write up we would be looking at the process involved in setting up a printing business in Nigeria. This write up will be very insightful to looking to start a new business and don’t know the line of business to venture in or invest in. If you have large capital to invest then printing business is for you, with the right training and knowledge about the business you will make good profit and revenue guaranteed.

Another thing i want to emphasize is do not let capital hinder you from starting printing press business in Nigeria, i would quickly look at how you can start small with little or no capital before we proceed to seeing how you can start it on a big scale. Starting on a small scale like i said you need just two things a capital of like 10,000 and skill in graphic design.

What you need to do is once you get a printing job you can quickly design the job with your computer, once you finish the design save it on a flash and take it a printer who as the printing equipment to help you print it out, once it is printed out pay the printer collect the finished job and deliver to your client.

But as you know this write up is about you setting up a printing business of your own, lets quickly dive into the process of setting up a successful and flourishing printing business, a whole lot is involve when setting a thriving printing business here in Nigeria.

Process involve in setting up a printing business

Register your business
Do a thorough research on the business
Get a good location and facility for your printing business
A good computer system
A good power generator set
A good graphics designer
A good machine operator
Set aside advertising cost

Register your business

The first step to starting a printing press business is getting your business registered with the regulatory body here in Nigeria, You will need to get your business registered with the corporate affairs commission ( CAC), and The CAC is the regulatory body that registers business here in Nigeria. All you have to do is log on to their website and read out the requirement and guideline needed for you to register a business here in Nigeria.

Do a thorough research on the business

One of the most important aspect of succeeding in a business is carrying out a good study or research of that business printing business inclusive. You need to understand the business, if it requires you getting a training on the business so you can understand the business properly, some of the area of research you need to carry out are the following;

You need to know the start-up capital involve in starting this kind of business, what amount of money do you need to set aside for the business

The kind of machine needed for you to start the business

You need to know the name of machine and the manufacturers of the machine

Know the number of people you need to employ for starting the business.

A good computer system

You will need to get a good computer system that will be used for the creation of the business like designing graphics and logos and the likes, at least two computer systems will do, a laptop and desktop computer will do.

A good power generator set

You will need a good power generating set it will serve as a backup to the PHCN, get the cost of a good generator set or ask people for a recommendation, some of the good generating set you can go for are Mikano power generator, Honda power generator, JMG power generator and many other good brands from the market.

A good graphics designer

You will need to get a good graphic designer who will be in charge of your graphics, designs and logos. Make sure the graphic designer you will employ must have at least a minimum of 3 years graphics work design and must be able to show is recent and past work.

Get a good machine operator

You will need a good machine operator who will be in charge of the printing machines, he will be the one to operate the machine and print out the finished works.

Advertising cost.

You will need to advertise your business to make people aware of your services, this can be done either by telling people what you do or if you want to automate the process of advertising you can go for paid advertisement by using the power of social media to run your advert, the advantage of the social media advertisement is that it reaches a lot of people and this will make you get more client, some of the social media platform you can use are Facebook, twitter, Instagram and they are very easy to use for advertising.

Here you have the process involve in setting up a printing business in Nigeria, kindly help share with your social media network and if you have any suggestion please drop your comments below.


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