How To Start Small Chop Business In Nigeria


Nowadays, there is hardly a party you go to where you won’t find small chops also known as finger food. You will agree with me that the small chops business in Nigéria is a fast-growing business as it is now widely accepted by large number of people.

Small chops are not only served in big occasions such as birthday parties, wedding ceremonies, and funerals, they are also served in small gatherings like friends get together party, pool party, parlour party, office meetings etc.

In this article we intend to share with you important tips on how to start small chops business in Nigeria.

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Meanwhile, below is a list of common   Small chops that event owners in Nigeria will be happy to have you make for them:

  • Mini Puf Puf
  • Samosa
  • Mini Donuts
  • Gizdodo
  • Mini sausage rolls
  • Battered Plantain
  • Spring rolls, etc.

How To Start Small Chops Business in Nigeria

1. Design A Good Business Plan

This factor is very important and it will determine to a large extent if your business will be profitable or not. So, whether you are planning to start small or start big,you must have a business plan. Business plan helps you to forsee the likely challenges you may be facing when you start uo the business.
More importantly, having a good business plan gives investors the confidence to invest in your business.

2. Acquire A Business Space

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For the effective operation and success of this business, you definitely need a good space for your small chops kitchen.

In this space, you can put in your kitchen utensils such as knives, spoons, pots, frying pans, etc.
Other things that you can put in this space are: cooker or stove and the ingredients needed to make small chops. Some common ingredients for small chops are: minced meat, snail, yeast, flour, chicken, croaker fish, snail, carrot etc.

3. Hire Extra Hands


This business can be quite tough from the start, so to put a lot of stress off you, you need a helping hand (or hands depending on your financial capacity).
When you hire someone or people to work for you, it helps the operation of your business to be smooth and fast.

4. Market Your Products

This is a key factor in business, you can be the best chef with top notch culinary skills but if people don’t know you, you are likely going to be consuming your delicacies by yourself, So, promote your products.

Extra Tips On How To Succeed In Small Chops Business

You can advertise your chops through local dailies, through entertainment blogs, through church bulletins or through the most used platform for adverts in recent times- social media. Thanks to the social media, some businesses have moved from obscurity to limelight, your business too can be one of them.

Be Creative

In this business, creativity is key since there are numerous small chops makers out there, one of the factors you can use to attract more customers is creativity.

Whenever you have to showcase your chops, ensure your presentation is top notch, people get attracted to food firstly, by its appearance and then by its aroma.

Although there are some common small chops in the country like spring rolls, mini puf puf, battered plantain, etc, there are also very unique small chops that are usually served in high class parties such as fish in batter, gizzdodo, pepper snail, beef, meat balls, yam balls, masa etc.

Ensure you know how to prepare both the common chops and the rare chops. Also, be aware of the latest trend, and recipes in the small chops arena.

Get All Equipment Before Starting

It is necessary that you purchase or acquire all the basic tools and equipment you need for this business before venturing.
Even if you are starting on a small scale, there are some basic equipment you should not lack.

Teach Others And Earn More Money

First, you need to learn all you can on this small chop business because knowledge is basic in this business.
When you know that you have the required skills and tools, you can then proceed into tutoring others who are interested for a good fee.
This way, you will earn more income and popularity.


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