How to Start Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

Speaking of the most profitable businesses in agriculture, snail farming is one of them. Although, it is yet to be fully explored in Nigeria, yet it remains an achievable business enterprise African youths can venture into.
When considering starting a business that is highly profitable on your own, snail farming may not necessarily come to mind but in this post we intend to help you realise the wealth in snail farming business.
Are you ready? Read on!
First Why Should You Venture Into Snail Farming?
Although usually underrated, there is a big market chance for snail farming in Nigeria and Africa as a whole.
There are several diets in Africa that includes snails even though they are not always available and they can be quite expensive at times.
Note that if you finally decide to venture into snail farming several hotels and food restaurants will become your good customers depending on your marketing skills, customer relations skills and the price of your snails.
Presently in Nigeria, the prices of raw snails varies from N300 to N700 in small and big sizes.
Following agricultural research, the demand for snail in Nigeria on a yearly basis is close to 7.6 million kg. Also, there’s a good scale of demand for snail in North America and Europe.
For some time now, the only method of getting snails to the market or kitchen is through picking them up from bushes.

5 Simple Guides You Need To Follow In Starting Up Your Snail Farming

As it is presently, there’s a high demand for snails locally and internationally than the supplies available.
However, this is an indication that you have a ready market waiting for you in snail business.
In starting snail business, we have prepared five guidelines that will help you accomplish fast.

First Step: What Species Of Snail Do You Intend To Farm? Decide on this.

Note that when you are starting a small snail farm, it is best to use just one species of snail and considering the warm climate condition of Africa, the Achatina achatina species are the most appropriate.

Second Step: Get Your Farmland Prepared For Snail Housing.

When preparing your snail house, let there be enough space so that the snails can play around freely. Avoid overcrowding the snails as it can hinder the growth of the snails.
Also when you make room for enough space in the snail house, the tendencies of disease outbreak amongst the snails will be low.
Do you know that snails are very good at eluding. So don’t assume they will stay in one position. Make sure you erect a structure that keep within and don’t be careless with them.

Step 3 – Buy Snails

You will agree with me that you need snails if you want to start a snail farm. It is time to buy some fresh snails from the market or any farm after proper accommodation and farmland have been built for the snails.However, just before you buy them, it is always best to test the snails so you know they are safe.
You have to be sure they are healthy and fully grown snails that can lay eggs and help populate your farm when you start your snail farm.Take a look at the snail’s shell. If a lip is there, it means it is a completely grown snail.

Step 4 – Rearing of the snails

Are you aware that snails are vegetarians and they can be given a wide range of food like pear,cucumber, pawpaw, tomato, banana etc.
The very important parts of snail farming are mating and laying of eggs.
Basically, mating happens mostly during spring and summer. Been hermaphrodite, snails are capable of feetilizing each other provided they are matured enough just make available to them good quality soil, humidity and right temperature so the eggs can go smoothly.

Step 5 – Harvesting and Marketing

Without its maturity it is not economically prudent to harvest your snails, it is advisable that you allow it mature first before harvest. Please mind this, during the harvest, you must not sell off all the matured snails, remember that you need matured snails to produce other snails on your farm.
As for the sales, you can simply take them to the market after harvest and sell them there.
There is a high demand and good price range for Snail in the market, so you are likely to make good sales there.

Cost of Starting A Snail Farming Business

Thinking of cost? You need to bear some obligatory costs when you ask yourself how to establish a snail farm, some of these costs are: housing, fresh snails, feeding, snail handling and processing, marketing and transport.
With N70,000 or 120,000,you can set up your own snail farm depending on how elaborate you want it to be.
Wondering what your returns will be like? If properly managed and taken care of, your snail fa can earn you close to N5million twice a year.
This is possible due to reasons that the species you are advised to make use of which is Achatina achatina is really available and very productive. It is capable of laying 200-400 in just a batch two to three times within a year.
If you are able to nurture them well and you get 100,000 snails that goes for N250 at least, let’s do the simple calculation: 250 ×100,000 that means you will be earning N2,500,000. So if you produce 1,000,000 snails a year that means you will be earning a lot more.
You see, this is really a lucrative business and the good thing is that you can start on a small scale.
Most importantly, ensure that as a beginner, you create your snail farming business plan as this will help you to foresee the likely challenges that may come your way and prepare you well for the business properly. So do your business plan before you start up the business.


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