How to start underwear business in Nigeria


In this post, I will be giving you a step-by-step guide on how to kickoff your underwear business in Nigeria. This information on this page is essential for those that will be searching for a detailed guide on how to start selling underwear.

One thing you should do is that everyone wears underwear. it is these undergarments now people call boxers for men and bra and lingerie for women. Most people did not see this particular venture as a business opportunity why those who notice it would want to make us something out of it.

There are several reasons people buy underwear (lingerie and boxers) it might be to cover the nakedness or for the only wearing pleasure or seduce someone.

Underwears it’s something people buy regularly they keep changing it in order to maintain good hygiene some people by theirs every two weeks buy some monthly.

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Some guys always feel very comfortable in boxers due to free movement but no matter the reason why you are buying your underwear the truth is most people by this underwear regularly and they love getting new ones.

This is where you notice that there might be some profitability in doing this business. Even while I have said it just now you might still think this business is not worth it and won’t work and that’s ok because most people get discouraged even before they start.

It happens that some people do not see what some other people with an entrepreneur mindset but trust me when I tell you that you can get into this business and depend on it for a living make lots of cool cash. If you don’t have the capital to venture into this business you might turn into a popular brand.

why some Nigerians would love to buy from popular designers like byc, Victoria secret, Perry cool, and Calvin Klein. Also, people that would prefer wearing local Nigerian men underwear and this happens most especially in boxers for men reason being that they are cheaper and more comfortable due to the material used in making it.

In Nigeria, there are lesser names of major brands who venture into this particular business and that is why it is a huge opportunity because you can decide to go into it and make it big to the extent of being a very popular underwear brand in Nigeria.

Market for underwears

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Most people would be asking if there is an opportunity at all for this business to sell out. Most people would want to know if it is really worth it.

There is a market for this business and you can always start and stand out all you need to do is give it a try and you will see yourself making progress.


people who use the product you are about to venture into frequently on a daily basis and that will show you that they buy this material at least once in a month and if you could package your products very well you can be able to sell it easily to these customers and return them because they will keep coming back to purchase from you.

It has been advised that before you venture into this business you have to keep an open mind. Your target should be everyone because we all wear underwear be it male or female.

the packaging is also very important in this business because it will help increase your sales if you market well.
one thing you should also keep in mind in this line of business is that there would always be competition. I mean what kind of business will you find the is in Nigeria where there is no competition? Lack of competition shows that the business is dead and won’t survive out there.

So it’s a good thing that the underwear business in Nigeria has competition because there are different major producers of both lingerie and boxers in Nigeria and globally. so what I’d advise you do is to start up to make your mark in the industry and stay relevant.

for you to start this business you should have proper knowledge about the packaging because it will be very essential and crucial in this business. The reason why it will be needed is that it helps you make more sales and Gain customers people go for very attractive things and old love your quality fabrics.

So when I advise you do is make available in your stock, products that are needed by most people like women love their underwear made from cotton to have quality ones while guys prepare the best fabric for their boxers.

If you want to be sewing this underwear yourself then you have to search for the raw materials needed to produce it. if you’re in the east of advising you go to Aba or Onitsha but you are leaving Lagos you will have to go to Yaba or Balogun market. This location that I listed you would find a very good fellow who would help you Sew at a cheaper price.

and you also have to make sure you keep to my advice and sell quality products only once you go below the standard it will affect your customers and they will reduce in numbers.

if you would want to know if you need equipment to start-up this business, what I can tell you is that you might need some tools that will enable you Brand your boxers and singlet for guys as for the ladies they prefer to go with the original designer names.

This is a popular way of getting your business to be known, so all you need to do is to make sure your product is very good then brand them and you will receive a lot of patronages afterward.

For the equipment, you need you to need a sealing machine and you will need to purchase some clothing bags which will enable you to package your product because once it’s packaged you will never be underrated. people love buying sealed and probably branded products at an affordable price than going for something that looks local.

You probably would be asking yourself if you need a shop to start making sales in this line of business. Well why you can easily start up this business from the comfort of your home it is also crucial that you get a shop space to display your product and people can see you not just people you know passers-by go see your display and get to you to purchase your products. this is where packaging is very important because it helps return the attracted customers and they will buy from you as a good dealer.



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