How To Start Up A Barber Shop In Nigeria (2021)


Most of these companies that are the most profitable, the easiest to begin, the easiest to market are those often overlooked.

One of such enterprises is the establishment of a barbershop (or barbershop as it is known in Africa).

Each week the majority of men go to a barbershop to shave their beards, with at least 300 at every visit, as most of the barbers in Nigeria charge between 300 and 5000 naira for their service depending on the kind of service and venue.

The key reason I suggest people to join the company is because it has a ready market, it is easy to launch and it is relatively costly to start up. You can create a respectable barbershop with a capital from 300,000 naira to 500,000 naira.

Also, you can set up a barbershop chain in many places in your town and hire people to handle the business.

1. Go to school or hire professional barbers

you must be qualified if you want to be the barber. It should not take more than 6 to 12 months to learn from an experienced barber in the barbershop. Training is vital because it allows you to understand how various hair styles can be produced and how you can meet the needs of customers.

Also, you have to use professional barbers when you only set up the business as a part-time company.

2. Get an office for business

It should be in a suburban area with convenient access to people. It should be spacious for your barbershop. Don’t go to a small office because it limits the company’s growth capacity. In addition, the customers will find a spacious office more relaxed awaiting their turn.

3. Make your office

You’d have to paint the office. Mostly, white colors are employed, but the style should be nice and light. Equip your office with a good lighting system, good air conditioning, a good TV (for more entertainment channels, you. subscribe to a cable television network), wall wonders, standing fans, wall case for cosmetic maintenance

4. Buy Barbing Equipments

Get all the equipment and materials you require for your barbershop: combs, good clippers, hand gloves, burners and cosmetics like hair relaxers, hair and colours, aftershave, warmer towels are some equipment and materials.

5. Use a decent sterilizing machine

Purchase high-end sterilizers for spraying on your clipper and other devices. Most customers have priority over protection. The majority of clients prefer barbershops that prioritize their clients’ health. A sterilization autoclave can also be purchased for your appliance.

6. Keep a strong energy supply – if your nation or state does not have sufficient energy, you will need an alternative power source. It would be nice to have a gasoline generator of 2.5 kVA. Without a strong and reliable power source, the service is paralyzed.

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7. Pick your barbershop’s good business name

Your brand must be established. The first move is to get the barbershop’s successful business name. Make sure you do everything you can to differentiate this brand from your rivals by offering your customers a better service.

8. Register with governing bodies

Register with the local barber group. It will prevent needless distractions and help you keep track of the latest industry developments. You should register your business name, particularly if you intend to grow your business in the future, with the Committee for Corporate Affairs and CAC.

9. Announce your business

Let people know about your barbershop. The more people and services you have, think about it, the greater the patronage is. Using multiple publicity media to communicate your business is key. Drop posters and use banners.

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10. Sell related products

You should create a mini-cabinet for the selling of items such as aftershaves, energy drinks, shampoo, hair and body creams, perfumes, shaving sticks, powders, DVDs and VCDs to make more money.

Other facts you need to know about starting up a standard barbing salon includes:

1 Exercise strong hygiene and cleanliness procedure. Many of these clients will love it. Keep clean always with your work desk. Don’t let hair pile up on the floor until you sweep it up. Get a decent waste bin.

2. Take care and show gratitude to the customers. Tell them about the type of hair they want to cut before they start. Don’t say you know what they want. You may be shocked at their request.
Hear them out first.

3. In the right apron dress appropriately. Ensure that you still dress up well in the appropriate apron for your barbers. This gives your work a sense of professionalism.

4. Recruit more barbers to reduce customer waiting time. Some clients don’t want to wait too long. Consider multiple points of operation within the shop also.

5. Create a lovely and easy barbing salon. If you have the money, use nice leather chairs. Barber shops are very nice and relaxed in western countries. At the beginning, you may not have everything you need to create a modern salon so make the traditional barbing salon, but just keep in mind that a standard exists and you want to become that standard.

6. For your barbershop, you can build a facebook account, twitter handle or website. It will allow you to connect with your clients outside the barbershop and provide an opportunity to educate them on new developments of your services.

7. Be very careful, you should not treat other customers in a different way. The honor and respect you give to one, make sure you give same to all. Customers must be taken care of on first arrival,apply the principle of first come, first served

In conclusion,
Creating a barbershop or barbing lounge can become a good source of income for you. By using professional barbers to run the company for you, this business can happen entirely or part-time. Even if you are small, try to make a regular barbershop. This helps you to compete, develop you in the industry and provide you with more profits.

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