How To Start Up A Hairdressing Salon In Nigeria


Speak about a business that frequently and reliably earns instant income, then speak about a hairdressing salon.

It’s a business that’s scarce without patronage on a daily or weekly basis. It is majorly patronized by the women who enjoy always looking fine.

You are able to spend extra time just to look good in your guys’ eyes or the opposite sex (men). It is thought that the business is dominated by women.

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However, recent events have shown that men can do even better. Many hair salons are now designed by men who give even better service than women.

Standard salons are usually clean and well maintained. The good news is that it can be started in any good and clean outdoor space.

For this sort of business, a dirty environment is not ideal.

In this article, we will be sharing with you certain essential steps you will need to follow judiciously when starting a standard beauty salon in Nigeria.

Some steps to be taken before this business starts include;

1. Experience

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Experience is required as a crucial and necessary step to succeed as a hairstylist. In the context of being self-reliant, you can not hurry into anything. You just get into a bigger problem because if you have a not too good service, you’re expected to be yelled on, insulted, or struggled dirty (you know how nasty some ladies get).

Take time away to learn what the business wants. Learn through trends in the design. There are numerous shops around that will teach you more cheaply.

2. Capital

In this market, you need to purchase some things. Some items should be in place at the beginning. As I said before, it’s a small business (even on four corners of your room) that can be started. Seek to pick up something if you don’t have the money for a larger scale.

3. Space

Another thing to think about is a specific place to start a business. While most hair salons can be found in rented stores, if you don’t have money for a store you can actually start. You should look up any open place in your area ( give a call to the owner of the space if necessary), and start there if your room is not big enough or accessible enough. With just a small amount you can negotiate.

4. Dryer

A dryer is required as one of the first items to suggest a hairdressing salon is a dryer.

A small cubicle machine will dry wet hair in a record amount of time.
The hair of Ladies is placed under this unique machine.
It absorbs heat at human-friendly average room temperature.

5. Power supply

No matter how small you want the company to start, you need to maintain an ongoing energy supply. The dryer needs light, sterilizing products used each day, operating at night, etc. Light is needed.

6. Towels

These are easy to get through and should not be problematic. Get plenty of towels (large and small sizes) to dry wet hair just washed to the dryer.

7. Hair Shampoo

The shampoo is a thick liquid used, for important purposes, to remove unwanted particles from human hair. Before using the shampoo, the relaxer is used in hair laundering. This item has to be obtained.


8. Nail accessories

Most of the salons have an area dealing with nails. Manicure and pedicure are the names given to this exercise. It’s a great source of money because girls, ladies, and women enjoy seeing classy color mixtures (both on their hands and feet). A pair of scissors is an important tool for this.
Not to forget the cortex, fan, filer, and polishing fingers.

According to available information,  you may have to purchase equipment worth at least 85,000 that is without renting a store.
On the other hand, if you are renting a store, you have to prepare at least N350 000 – N700 000 to complete all.

Having documented this stuff, you need to ask yourself some questions:

First; Who is your salon’s target audience? To a large extent, this decides where your shop is situated.

Secondly, How is your contract pricing? This also depends on the target audience you pick.

Want to take care of the rich? Or students, or Children, or everyone? children?

Who are your competitors, how can you match up, also, what are the expectations of your customers?

How can you meet their unique expectations?

In case you are planning to use your living room, how will it look attractive and homely?
You will have to look through your future customers’ eyes.

Meanwhile, realistic expectations should be created for your business.

You need to develop low-cost consumer recruitment strategies by answering certain questions and initial money.

Customers won’t be magical; they won’t just start rushing to you without a sense of trust.

So start thinking about how you are going to market your business for customers.

These customer attraction strategies should not cost you a leg or arm.

Your main goal is to provide quality hair-care services and products, to make MONEY, to raise revenue and cut costs.

Here are some methods of marketing;

You can conduct an investigation online and in your area.

Are you qualified in computing? You can build a platform.

You can book for trade shows online.

These are your closest customers, the network in your area.

Create a successful referral system to bring your mates to your living room by using your current customers to give them discounts.

In order to attract clients, you can create competitive promotions, then review salon services and perform weekly market reviews.

It is simply not good to sit back and do nothing if you have imagined it, you can achieve it, simply take relevant steps, make necessary inquiries and learn from those ahead so you won’t make the silly mistakes they made during their early years in business.

So bring your dreams up and fulfill your heart desires whatever you have decided, to open a hair salon or any other thing you want.


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