How to Subscribe GOtv with Phone 


Technology has made the world a lot easier! Gone are the days when to recharge any voucher one would have to visit the office of the service provider.

Nowadays these tasks that seemed like a gauntlet can easily be done from the comfort of your home – amazing isn’t it.

This article is dedicated to all GOtv subscribers that wish to learn several ways in which they can renew their subscription with their cellphones from the comfort of their homes.

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To start with, there are different ways one can renew their GOtv subscription without having to visit a Multichoice Africa branch or any registered retailer, but for this guide we’re focusing on some methods that won’t require us to leave the TV or the house at all. The perks of paying through these means is that there is no hidden charges whatsoever – you pay what you would’ve paid if you went to a retail store.

We currently have over 20 commercial banks in Nigeria, and 17 of them having USSD codes that can be used to pay bills, making life less stressful for Nigerian citizens. Well pretty much in addition to the 22 registered mobile money apps that you can use to pay bills like your DStv and GOtv subscription. Although we know they’re more than that, so strong emphasis on the “registered”. Without further ado, let’s get to the juicy parts of this article.


How to Subscribe GOtv with USSD Codes

GOtv subscription can easily be done by using the USSD code of your bank. The process is fast and simple; when you dial the USSD code, look for the payment option, then chose “GOtv/DStv”. Follow the command prompt, you should be done in no time. However, we should note that it’s recommended to use this procedure while your decoder is switch on. This is because you don’t get a receipt, only the debit alert, and the system needs to be on for it to reflect immediately.


Below are a list of Nigerian Banks and Their USSD codes for transactions:

  • Access/Diamond Bank =>*901#
  • Eco Bank => *326#
  • Fidelity Bank => *770#
  • First Bank => *894#
  • First City Monument Bank =>*329#
  • Guaranty Trust Bank => *737#
  • Heritage Bank => *322*030#
  • JAIZ Bank => *389*301#
  • Keystone Bank => *7111#
  • Polaris Bank => *833#
  • Stanbic IBTC Bank => *909#
  • UBA (United Bank of Africa) => *919#
  • Union Bank => *826#
  • Unity Bank => *7799#
  • Wema Bank => *945#
  • Zenith Bank => *966#

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If you haven’t registered for our banks USSD service, you easily do that by dialing the code, and following the command prompt. However, keep in mind that some of these banks requires a onetime physical registration before you can activate the USSD service, this is to protect you from fraudulent activities.

Also, a little service charge from your bank may apply. This charge is peanut compared to the convenience you get from using the service.

So what if you’re not into USSD, there is still solution for you. You can use your bank’s mobile app or any third party mobile money app of your choice. The procedures for doing this is fairly the same on all apps. Select “Payment/Bill Payment” depending on the user interface of the app you’re using. Click on “TV Payments,” Select DStv/GOtv, then input your smartcard number, and follow the command prompt to pay.

The reason this is relatively better than USSD codes is because an online receipt is issued, and it can be done at any time whether the decoder is turned on or not. When using a third party app, you may have to provide OTP for certain transactions, and your debit card is usually linked to the app. I advise you use a third party mobile money app that is registered, some of the registered third party apps I use for transactions are Paga, OPay, and FirstMonie.


How To Subscribe GOtv & DStv with internet banking

In the event that some of these apps are not available for your device’s OS, you can also use Internet banking. Bill payment options has been integrated into the internet banking system, allowing customers make TV payments like GOtv seamlessly.

Log into your bank’s internet banking platform, go to “Bills Payment,” then click on “Pay DStv/GOtv”, input your smart card number, then follow the command prompt to pay. Keep in mind that an OTP will be sent to the registered bank number, so you should have the SIM card online and in hand.


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