How To Track A Missing Vehicle In Nigeria


It is really important to know what to do if you lose your ride. Here’s a thorough rundown on how to get back your stolen vehicle.

The automotive business has been highly competitive with millions of cars been exchanged on a regular basis.
As a result, this enterprise has attracted several stakeholders, investors and unfortunately, hoodlums.

Statistics found that over 5,000 instances of stolen cars have happened in Nigeria in the last five years. You will agree with me that is a huge amount.

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Most of those vehicles are robbed from their stores, from garages, or even from the owner while driving.

In this article, we intend to share with you important steps to take when your car gets into the wrong hands.

Lodge A Complaint Fast

As soon as the vehicle goes missing, visit the nearest police station and get them informed.
You may be asked to give some important information, documents and proofs of ownership like:

1. The plate number of your car


2. Your driver’s license

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3. An identification card

4. Your VIN

5. The brand of your car, the year and model of the vehicle,

6. The color of your vehicle

7. The last time you saw your car and the location where it got missing.

8. You will be asked if there is anyone whom you suspect is responsible for this.

9. Lastly, you will be asked if your car has a tracking device.

Importantly, ensure that you provide accurate answers to all you will be asked.

As much as you may be in shock, ensure that give all relevant information needed for the quick recovery of your car, and if you are still struggling with the sad news of the missing car, leave the police station to cool off. When you are in a better state of mind, you can then go back to complete the report.

Meanwhile, the earlier you put yourself together and do the needful, the best. So get over the mystery of how the car got missing and give relevant statements to help recover the vehicle quickly.

Reach Out To Your Car Insurance Service Provider

Several car owners in Nigeria do the auto insurance simply because the law has made it compulsory, and not because they fully understand the benefits of doing car insurance.
At this point where your car is missing, the insurance company has a role to play.

Some insurance companies may offer to provide you an alternative car while they help you look for the missing car.
Importantly, the insurance company too will be asking you some vital questions, make sure you answer the questions accurately.

Speak To People Around About The Incident

As the popular saying goes: a problem shared is half solved, in this case you need to speak to the people around about it. This may be the only thing you need to do to recover the car.
Take advantage of your social media platforms, inform your friends and even the public that your car has been stolen.
You can be sure that when they see anyone driving the car, the information will get to you quickly.

Inform the drivers in your community’s local garage and give them a vivid description of the car so that as soon as they spot someone driving it, they will inform you.

Inform Car Dealers

Another important set of people you need to inform about this incident are car dealers. Do you know why? About 90% of stolen cars are resold.
So you need to also give a vivid description of your car to the dealers so they can know what exactly to look out for.
If there’s something unique about your car asides the general features of a car, this will also help.

Use A Car Tracker

If you are fortunate to have a tracker mounted in your car before it was stolen, this will really help you to find it after it has been stolen.

Many new car models are already fitted with trackers and interestingly, you can simply synchronize your car’s navigation system with your smartphone.

So you can have your stolen car monitored by a Tech Person or someone in the police technicians department.

Meanwhile, after it has been recovered, ensure that you always lock the car doors when you’re in the car or outside.
Do the necessary maintenance and if you haven’t, install a car tracker so you can always monitor your car.
Also, avoid driving all by yourself on lonely roads.

These tips will go a long way in helping you recover your stolen vehicle and to keep it from been stolen again.


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