How to trade in Roblox (updated 2021)


Roblox is a massively multiplayer free-to-play online game in which the players are allowed to use blocks to connect to their surroundings. Whereas the game is free, all gamers have the option of paying real money for Robux (R$), a game currency that can be used for your character in trades, in-game transactions, or virtual items.

Whether you’re using Robux, things you’ve bought, or bartering items that you have made, it can be an exciting way to get new items from Roblox.

And before I get started, users can exchange things for more goods or Robux on Roblox to other users. NOTE: All users trading in the Builders Club need to be able to trade products on Roblox. So for those BC players, this is is a perfect guide.

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1. Join the builders Team

You will need to register as a member of the builders club to participate in the trading items on Roblox. To do this, you will have to pay an annual or monthly fee that can range from $5.95 to over $100. Details on the Builders Club can be found on the website of Roblox at

2.collect items for Robux trading or investment

You will increase your trading value by collecting rare or limited edition pieces. By adding Robux to your bid, you can also sweeten the deal while selling, placing things worth more than what’s in your stock within your range.

3. Set the accessibility of your trade

In-game, in the account settings of your Roblox account profile, you can change whether or not you are open to trade via a drop-down menu. You should find the drop-down menu on Trade Accessibility, where you can choose whether or not you are open to trade.

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4. Find friends

You can use the search option to find friends on the Roblox website ( by entering your username in the search bar at the top of the site. Once you have found your trading partner, select the “Trade Items” option to access their profile page with the search bar and start a trade.

5. Log in to Roblox

Now that you have joined the Builders Club and you are all set to join the hustle and bustle of the trading, accessing Roblox just as you would do normally.


Make sure you have enabled trading by going to your Roblox account, looking underneath your personal blurb, and verifying you are open to trade in the “Trade Accessibility” drop-down menu.

6. Find members of Builders Club to trade with

You will only be able to trade with Builders Club members who are both open to trade and also have set parameters for trade to include you as well. You can start a business with anyone who meets these qualifications.

7. Through a user profile, Open the trade browser window

If you find the username of someone you’d like to trade with, by selecting the username in the query box at the top of the Roblox webpage, you can access the profile of that person. A drop-down menu named “More” should be next to the “Send Message” option. “Trade products” are definitely made available on this particular web menu, and just by clicking this, the Trade Browser Window would open.

8. Build the trade to your liking

Perhaps you’ve got a surplus of Roblox and want to use it rather than selling a rare item, or perhaps it’s the other way around. Until you find a decent exchange, you can modify your trade offer. Be warned that the R$ trading market fee is 30%. The calculated total R$ would include this reduction of 30 percent.

9. Offer a trade

If you are already in the trade window, you should display all of your limited products and all of the user’s limited items you’re trading too. With one click, these can be added to a trade.

Through hovering your cursor over this item in the current offer window and pressing the “Delete” button that should appear there, you can delete mis-queued items for exchange.

10. Start viewing and curating trade

Go back to your profile and check your trade page so that you can easily access your Trade page through the “Trade Type” drop-down menu. You can see exceptional offers here that you can accept or decline. By clicking the “Counter” button, you also have the option to request more for your trade.

11. Be patient for a while

Your trade will remain valid for about four days, which player can decline, accept, or counter the trade at any point of the trade.


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