How To Transfer/Share MTN Data TO MTN


Have you heard about MTN Data Sharing?

Data sharing is a means of sharing personal mobile data with friends and family to carry on in their daily Internet life exploring.

Depending on their network provider you’re using, you can now share your MTN Data with everyone around you by following the instruction provided in this article.

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It is not easy to share mobile data with families and friends on your mobile phone without the help of a service provider. Unlike in the time past when people find it very difficult to share data among themselves.

MTN as provided a code in which enables you to share your mobile data with families and friend by dialing code without needing to be a professional or learn how to do it, with the knowledge of the code numbers it is very easy to share data with relatives.

Here are the four main options in which you can choose from on how to share data which the friends of family one of it is sharing through:

  •  You can share data on your cell phone by dialing *131*7*1# and follow the procedure afterward.
  • You can also share data with family and friends by dialing *131*Phone number* Data Amount#. Fine!
  • you can share data using the MTN App. All you need to do is is to download the MyMtn App, select (bundle) and select ‘data transfer.
  • you can share friends and relatives your mobile data by sending a text message. E.g Text Transfer 08031111111 100mb then you send it to 131.

You need to select the message menu, create a new message, type receivers Phone number-space-Data Amount and then send it to 131.

There is a level at which you can operate the data-sharing platform.

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Please Note: You can only transfer data to your friends and family twice a day. While the maximum number of transactions you can do in a day is 10mb, 50mb, and 100mb in that other.

MTN enables you to transfer your mobile data to family and friends twice daily. This means that your partner in data sharing can also enjoy the same as you do.

Have you heard of dash my data service?

MTN just launched a particular subsidiary on its platform that can enable you to share data with family and friends with ease. It’s called dash my data service. This particular platform allows MTN users to be able to request data from a friend.

Are you wondering if there are any charges for this? No! it’s quite free.

What you need to do is to dial *131*7*3#.

Do you know you can request data from a friend or a sponsor? Yes of course.

In case you have a partner or a sponsor, you can easily request a mobile data from them. Dialing *131*7*4# will enable you to see the request of a friend who needs data.

Are you wondering how to get your MTN transfer pin?

Send a text to 1234 and your preferred four digital x2 then send it to 777. It will automatically create a pin for you. E.g 1234 1111 1111 send to 777. Done.


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