How to vote free on Bbnaija


The current season of Big Brother Naija is the 6th season of the bbnaija show that is been aired on Mutichoice and is shown on their cable station of DSTV and GOTV.

The bbnaija show is the selection of young men and women from different background and works of life. The eligibility for participation on the show is that each member successfully selected must be a Nigerian and must be carrying our passport.

The process of selection into the big brother show is through an intense selection process and after the numerous screening that normally takes place in 3 cities in the country namely Lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt. 25 house mates would be selected to compete for mouth watering prices that runs into millions of Naira.

At the end of each week of house mate being in the house their will be an eviction process where housemates with the lowest votes and nomination based on points will be evicted from the show and these eviction happens every Sunday of every week.

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In these write up today we would be looking at one important aspect of the bbnaija show and that is the voting process, we would be telling you how to vote and keep your favorite house mate in the big brother naija house.

The voting process is very simple, we would be looking at how to vote for your favorite housemate free of charge

Note before you cast your vote to keep your favorite house mate in bbnaija house take note of the voting time. Voting during this time will make your vote to count and anything outside this time is invalid.

The voting time is immediately open after the house mate for the coming week have been placed on the eviction list. The voting time opens at exactly 8pm on Monday night and closes at 9pm on Thursday evenings of every week.

You can vote as many times as possible when the voting window is open.

To be able to vote for your favorite house mate you have to register on the bbnaija official site, your registration will make you eligible to be able to vote for your favorite house mate.

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This is a first and important step that you have to do on bbnaija official site. You can cast your vote for any of the house mates by voting for them.

Your registration can be done on the Africa Magic official mobile site

To be able to register on Africa Magic Official site do the following when you get to the site:


  • Click on Vote menu feature on Africa Magic mobile site

Click on Vote menu on Africa Magic mobile site is a tab that provides an easy way for users to vote for the most effective marketing activities.

In the world of marketing, African Magic has been a pioneer in providing clients with great innovative ideas on marketing. This is being done by being more customer centric and focusing on the needs of customers.

  • Click “Register” and enter your details such as, name, year of birth, gender, location, phone number and your preferred password on the Africa magic mobile site

Registering with Africa magic is simple. All you have to do is enter your details on the Africa magic mobile site. Within a few minutes you will be done after you have provided the necessary details

  • An OTP (One Time Pin) will be sent to you via SMS immediately you register on Africa magic to complete your registration process, once you get the OTP number input it in the required field and once confirmed you are done with the registration process.

After you have successfully registered on Africa magic mobile site, you are now eligible to vote for your favorite house mate, carefully follow the process below to be able to vote for free on bbnaija show.

Steps to voting for free on bbnaija show

  • Log into your Africa magic mobile app and Click on “Vote” now for you to be able to vote for your favorite bbn house mate. Log in with you username and password for you to have access to the site
  • Once you have logged logged in enter your phone number that was used to register when you registered on the mobile site
  • After you have provided your mobile number then you enter your unique password you created when registering on African magic site.
  • After you have done that you will see a list of all the house mate, you can then choose your favorite housemate and cast your vote
  • Each applicant have a unique number and with this number that is what you will use to vote for your favorite house mate by entering the number of votes
  • After you have entered the house mate unique voting number then cast your vote by pressing VOTE on the site
  • Note you can vote as many times as you want on the mobile site and all is free.

The second voting method which is also free is open to subscribers of DSTV and Gotv.

This method will have you download the DSTV and Gotv app from the playstore on your mobile device.

  • After you have successfully download DSTV and Gotv app on your device then log into the mobile and choose your default country and these case you choose Nigeria, you then enter mobile number and the decoder smartcard number.
  • When you successfully log into your DStv or GOtv mobile app, go to the account page, then go to the “Vote Now” button and click the Vote Now botton
  • After you have clicked on the vote Now button, then follow the instructions that follow and you are done with casting your vote for your favorite house mates.

In conclusion here you have it a detailed step by step detail on how to vote free on bbnaija help share this information on your social media channels for those who might need this information. Also you can drop your contribution in the comments section below.



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