How to Watch Big Brother Naija Reality TV Show Live 2021


2019 is about ending, and we are about crossing over to the year 2020. There are lots of events lined up for the year, our post today centers on the BBnaija reality TV show.

In this post, we shall bootstrap you with heads on information on How to watch Big brother Naija live 2020

To call Big brother Naija a popular Nigeria television program is too simple a qualification, Big brother Naija has become a mega Television program in Nigeria that viewers look forward to every year.

You can’t quantify the excitement that comes with the big brother Naija, the 90days of pure fun and drama and what makes it more exciting is the fact that it is a reality TV program.

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I can bet that the question on the mind of a lot of people is ‘How do we watch big brother Naija live in 2020’.

I will be glad to help and take you through that route and path but please be wise enough to know that there is no free meal even in a free town as the option I will be presenting and writing about only has to do with paid live streaming that is approved by the licensed content owners called DSTV.


You can watch the ‘Big brother Naija show’ on the go as long as you have a laptop, a smartphone and a computer device with access to the internet- Dstv now has an app called Dstv Now, this app is available for both Ios and Android users which means you can now live stream the show with your laptop, mobile smartphones, and even a tablet device.

So all you need do is open up your mobile and download the DSTV app now and follow instructions on how to get access to BBNaija 2020 reality TV show and watch it live.

For those who have app inertia and are willing to watch on the website, here is how to achieve that and the following instructions or guides can help.

  • The Dstv Now website can be visited and here is the website addy-
  • You need your Dstv connect ID. How this works is, your first registration to the website will require that you create a DSTV connect ID and you will definitely need your Dstv decoder smart card number to do this.
  • After Login, you locate  the ‘Live TV’ menu and you get to see a list of TV channels available for live stream
  • Keep scrolling down till you see ‘Big brother Naija: Live broadcast, click on that tile and enjoy watching your favorite show.

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The above has been the only known legal method available to watch the Big brother Naija show online but kindly stick to reading write-ups from this website and we promise to always update you as regards new ways and means to enjoy this mega TV show.

2019 is about ending are we not just excited that 2020 is here and a new era of wonderful TV content experience is around the corner?

We love Big BrotherNaija and we can’t get enough of it but we must also learn that it pays to pay for content, so let us stick to watching the show through the legal means provided.


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