How to write a book in 7 days


Writing a book is one of the most intimidating tasks in existence. It can take weeks or even months to write a book that’s ready to be published. But what if you could do it in seven days?

From the time Elizabeth Gilbert was writing her first novel, Eat, Pray, Love in 2002, she was looking for a way to make the process of writing novels easier. That’s when she came up with Project:Novel.

Ebook publishing companies like Amazon, Kobo, Apple and Barnes & Noble have revolutionized the publishing industry. They allow writers to publish their work in only seven days instead of months or years.

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A lot of people struggle to write their first book and it can seem like an insurmountable task. There is no way you can do this all alone and so, we have put together a guide on how to write a book in just seven days.

When it comes to writing a book, you need to get all of your ideas down and make sure that they are properly organized. If you want to do this in 7 days, then there are a few things you can do.

There are a number of ways to organize your thoughts when writing a book. In this article, we will review some of the top methods that you can use to get your ideas across to readers.

Let’s now look at the seven guide to writing your books in seven days, all these guide are valid take them one after the other and you will have a success writing and finishing your book in 7 days.

Step 1

Create a pre-sale landing page

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This should be the first thing you do before actually writing your book, you need to very sure that your book will be appealing to those who will buy it or your audience.

A pre-sale landing page is a good way to create a sense of urgency and help the reader quickly understand what they can expect from your book.

Some people also use it as a way to collect emails for their mailing list. A pre-sale landing page can be used as an effective tool for marketing purposes as well as to generate sales. They are often part of book launch campaigns and give readers more information about your book before buying it.

In this case, you want to make sure that the copy is compelling enough to make them leave their email address so that you can contact them later on about the book or sign up for your mailing list.

An effective pre-sale landing page should have a catchy title, offer irresistible value, and have a call-to-action.

Step 2

Write your outline

The next step to writing your book is to write out your book outline.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
  • Chapter 2: The book itself
  • Chapter 3: Prologue and epilogue

Introduction: The first thing you need to do is to write your outline. This will help you see the structure of your book and its chapters in a way that is not possible when you start writing. Just like any other outline, there are different types of outlines for different reasons. You can use an outline if you are planning on publishing, or if you are writing a personal memoir. An example of an outline for publishing would be something like this…

An outline is a great way to map out the structure of your writing without getting too detailed or complicated, since it doesn’t have to be perfect. It helps you make sure your book is easy to follow.

After the introduction, the next thing is to write the book itself

Since the introduction, it is time to write your book. It is a 5-step process that will help you write your book more quickly and enjoyably.

Books have been a primary method of entertainment for centuries. People enjoy reading stories, poems, essays, and other prose for hours every day. The introduction is an important part of any book and can make or break the story.

The last thing is to write the Prologue and epilogue

Now that you have your characters in place, it is time to write the Prologue and epilogue.


The prologue sets the scene for your entire novel. It is a great opportunity for you to introduce your protagonist and establish the tone of the book.

Step 3

Write, write, write

The next method for writing your books is write, write, write. It is a technique used by famous authors such as Stephen King and J.K. Rowling to help them produce two to three books a year.

The length of time that it takes to write a book has changed dramatically throughout the years due to the advancement in technology and publishing trends. It takes just one month today to turn an idea into a published work while it would take longer than 12 months in 1970s when publishing was not so advanced yet.

A writer will need more than creativity and emotions if they want to succeed at their craft nowadays because there is no limit on what you can do with the internet and digital marketing tools such as social media, search engine optimization, etcetera .

Step 4


After you have written your books before publishing you need to edit and proofread the books to avoid errors such as spelling errors, grammatical error and other errors.

Editing your work is one of the most important tasks when publishing. It helps to produce a well-written, polished, and error-free publication.

The software that you use for editing is able to identify errors like spelling mistakes, grammar issues, and punctuation mistakes. This type of software also helps you to take out unnecessary words and phrases to make your piece more concise.

This editing tool will be the best friend in the process of editing your book because it cuts down on revision time by trimming unnecessary words and phrases.

Create your cover

A book cover is the first impression a reader gets of your work. It is one of the most integral parts of your book, and it plays a crucial role in gaining sales.

A lot of authors struggle with creating their books’ covers, but there are some simple steps you can follow to make sure that you’re not wasting time with this process.

Creating your book cover is not that hard you can start with a free online tool called canva.

Step 6


Formatting your book after you create your book cover can be an arduous task. But with the help of this blog, you’ll have a guide to formatting your book at hand.

After you create your book cover, it’s time to start formatting your book. But, the process can be daunting. This blog will give you step-by-step instructions on how to format your book after you create your cover.

Step 7

Final editing and publishing your book

After you might have formatted your book the next thing is publish your books to your numerous fans.

One of the final steps in the publishing process is editing and formatting your book.

The final step in publishing a book is now done via computer, not with pencil and paper. This cuts down on time needed for this step, as well as costs. But it also increases the chance for errors like punctuation or grammar mishaps.

At this point, you might want to hire a professional editor to make sure that your book is error-free before you publish it. A professional editor can find errors that you might have missed and make them right with minimal effort on your part.

Here you have it a complete step by step guide to writing your books in 7 days, carefully follow the steps above and you will be on your way to successfully writing and publishing your first book.



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