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Hushpuppi Profile

Ray Hushpuppi, widely known as Hushpuppi, Aja Puppi or Aja 4, is a celebrity of the Nigerian media. After giving a number of controversial remarks about several Nigerian stars he came into the limelight.

He’s even had a violent bitter feud in Nigeria with popular celebrities, most especially Davido.

Hushpuppi embraces his social media handles with expensive clothes, wristwatches, shoes etc. His extravagant lifestyle and problematic opinions as predicted have helped earn him allies and enemies alike.

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Hushpuppi Age

On June 14th the media figure was born. Nevertheless, his exact age has not been disclosed so far. If you’re one of its more than 2 million social media followers, please do send him birthday wishes on any June 14th.

Hushpuppi Biography: Real Name | Profile

The real name of Hushpuppi’s is Raymond Igbalodely. He was born and raised in Lagos State, and lived most of his initial days there as well. Yet he has not disclosed his State of Origin so far.

He has clarified in several of his articles that he has not started out wealthy. People that knew him at Lagos supported this story by saying he had become wealthy after traveling to Malaysia from Nigeria.

Hush is currently residing in Malaysia but can be seen traveling the world and in certain destinations visiting expensive five-star hotels.

Most people have reported that Hushpuppi is a brand ambassador for the dresses he flaunts the label. That is something we can not verify for now.
He always had to flaunt his riches along with two other colleagues, Mompha and Classicbaggie, during Ray’s early years. When it would turn out it was, though, Hushpuppi and his mates were down.

Mompha was forced to disclose derogatory details about Raymond, almost to the point of telling everyone ‘ his father is a taxi driver and his mother a seller of bread. ‘

Hushpuppi has neither refuted those allegations nor confirmed them. In a comment, however, he answered that he was a beggar, and was also a gambler.

There is no claim to back up Mompha’s assertions, as it does not make much sense to believe that somebody who flaunts costly Gucci products will permit his own mother to sell bread in the streets.

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Girlfriend and Children

Hushpuppi isn’t married but also has two children from 2 separate parents, one boy and one girl. We don’t know if he’s in a partnership with any of his women now.

As mentioned earlier, Hushpuppi continues to engage in battles with Nigerian celebrities. He has taken to Instagram to share a post discussing his different detractors and friends.

He said: “I’m specially taking today out to appreciate every one of you great people out there that have met me in person from all over the world in the places I have been and showed me massive love over this internet fake hatred. A lot of you took the courage to say hi to me, take pictures with me and offered me drinks or take my bills and so many more in different locations all over the world.

Hushpuppi Net Worth

His income source, however, remains uncertain for the people of Nigeria. Hushpuppi is undoubtedly very rich, valuing several million dollars.


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