Top 10 investments opportunities in Nigeria (2021)


When you’re rich then all you should do is to look for ways to invest your money and this is the right time to invest now. There are many investment opportunities that you can find especially in Nigeria I will help you to grow your wealth instead of draining it. For all we know Nigeria has a good business environment that is diversified into various sectors.

Nigeria is not to be the giant of Africa and the most populous black country in the world she’s naturally endowed with resources both human and mineral. Buy some parts of Nigeria I blessed with all you some others are blessed with gold and other mineral resources. This investment opportunity gives you options to make investments no matter how little the budget is.

While some see Nigeria as a Dead zone and citizens do not say that the best place to invest the question is why do you have to invest in this country?

There are several reasons why you would have to consider making an investment in Nigeria. Nigeria is known to be the largest African economy followed by Egypt and South Africa. Nigeria has a lot of opportunities and potentials for growth. It was projected that Nigeria will be among the top economies in the world in 2050 alongside Australia, Spain, Netherlands, Canada, South Korea, and Italy.

Nigeria is a very big market a population of over 200 million who possess a higher number of youths. This also connects that there will be greater manpower and workforce which will enable businesses in Nigeria to perform at the maximum best. There has been an influx of foreign investors in the country like South Africa, China and others.

Here are some of the investment opportunities you need in Nigeria:

Invest in banks

There are many types of banking investment but one thing you should know is that bank wavings are one of the best investment opportunities you can venture into.

Investing in a bank as a customer involves opening a savings account or some of their accounts with high-interest rate some offer up to 15% annual interest on the money you’ve saved with them. You can also venture into bank investment by owning a bank when you have huge capital.

The banking sector is like crude oil and yields a lot of money but when you have the necessary qualifications and capital for it you tend to make a lot of money in return.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency investments

One of the biggest investment opportunities that lies in Nigeria but it’s also very risky is cryptocurrency. the world has evolved and cryptocurrencies leading the way in terms of digital transactions and financial technology. Pictures of cryptocurrencies like ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin, and the rest is a huge investment plan if you have money.

You need to learn how to do currency works from a professional or from Google and YouTube videos.

Real Estate

Another part in Nigeria that is very lucrative and one of the best opportunities for investment is real estate because this real estate is not much of a risk and you don’t lose money if you go through the proper channels. Real estate appreciates even when others depreciate.

For you to invest in real estate it requires money but if you don’t have a lot of money can just buy into real estate on a smaller scale depending on your budget. Nigeria is almost getting overpopulated wait more than 200 million citizens so you can imagine in a city like Lagos people face serious accommodation problems so if you can venture into real estate and Lisa out the apartment you have you make a lot of money too while helping people.

If you want to make a lot of money a real estate investor in the commercial parts of Nigeria because it guarantees high returns.

Agriculture and livestock Investment

The agricultural industry in Nigeria is known to be the second to crude oil in terms of profitability because agriculture is putting Nigeria on the map in the whole world due to our exports. It is a fact that the agricultural industry is very integral to the development and full growth of the economy of Nigeria.

Now that the use of oil in several countries is declining the value of agriculture would go up once more because it has suffered neglect due to the oil boom.

The government is already making plans to diversify the economy by investing more in the agricultural sector in order to attract investors. There are different ways the best in agriculture here in Nigeria and they are;

You can invest in direct farming or you can invest with a company that deals with livestock farming and makes a profit with them.

Stocks and bonds investment

Bonds investment gives a different view of commercial and private operations. With regard to these bonds and stock, you should know that the Federal government is solely responsible for the introduction of this investment opportunity to the people.

For bonds in Nigeria, the interest rate is very high up to 13% of what you invest in. If you want to invest in a savings Bond you should know that the least investment amount is N5000 while the maximum investment amount is N50 million.

Mini importation Business

This business is more like dropshipping but it is different people order goods from countries like China, Turkey, London, and others for reselling. If you want to start up a business and the capital is less than 200k then this is the business you’ve been looking for all you need to get out the right contacts that would help you get your products from China to Nigeria.

Is business with a lot of money because the turnover is 50% to 120%. I have a lot of friends that are into mini importation and they sell their products very fast by posting them on their WhatsApp status. Currently, they’re making a lot of money don’t waste time join now.

Gold investment

The value of gold never drops and that is why it is the best investment you can make because 15-carat gold today remains 15 carats even after 20 years however the worth increases still.

Treasury bills
this is one of the best investment opportunities you can venture into in Nigeria because it’s very secured and he has zero risks so you won’t lose your money.

Uber business

This business is currently bombing in major cities in Nigeria like Abuja or Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, and others. Currently taxify and uber are leading the way in riding business in Nigeria.

Private education

The demand for teachers is high they need to learn more is still there so in order to make a lot of money from this investment idea he would have to learn some rare skills that you can trade for money.



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