Top 10 Jobs for Hairdressers and Hairstylists


Hairstyling is a profession with a rich history of health and beauty. It has been around even before the ancient times, where women would use hair to make wigs for themselves or for their dead loved ones. Nowadays, there are different levels of qualifications in this field, ranging from barbers to cosmetologists and hairstylists.

This write-up will explore what to expect in a career as a hairdresser. We are going to look at the various levels of qualifications available in this profession, what you should expect once you decide on your career path and the importance of social media marketing for hair stylists.

With the changing times and more people getting their hair done here or there, hair salons are becoming busier than ever. With the amount of time these professionals have to spend on social media, it’s important that they use Instagram & Facebook to get clients.

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It is not uncommon for professionals to spend hours posting, liking, and commenting on social media. However, with the amount of time they have to spend on social media, it’s important that they use Instagram& Facebook to get clients. Social platforms such as Instagram are a great way for companies and individuals to build their brand.

10 Best Jobs for Hairdressers

With the ever-changing times, careers are changing too. We’ve seen hairstyling and makeup artists move from being beauticians to becoming professional hairstylists. In the same way, hairdressers have transitioned from salon-based professionals to freelance workers.

Hairdressers are among the most sought-after workers in this field. With demand for their service growing at a feverish pace as ever, it is no wonder why hairdressers are one of the most sought-after professions today.

Salon Industries

Those who go on to work in beauty salons usually enjoy being able to get ahead in the industry and have a social aspect that comes along with it.

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Many opportunities are available for networking and expanding your business as well.” However, even working in a salon gives you different options. You could work as an employee of the salon or as an independent contractor and be paid either salary or commission.

Hotel and Resort Stylist

Many people are looking into working in a hotel or resort, and what could be better than working with a diverse set of clients?

You’ll have the opportunity to understand how the hotel or resort helps to put faces on travelers. Licensed cosmetologists who work in resorts and hotels say they love meeting new people from all over the world.

The social atmosphere allows them to experience different cultures, learn what’s going on in the world, and generally have a blast while earning some great money!

Salon Owner

If you enjoy working in a salon, then maybe opening your own salon is a good option for you. By being the salon boss, you can choose which employees to work with. The route to success at a salon is offering services that people are looking for, and using products you love. You are never stuck with what you don’t like!

Mobile Stylist


With the same level of service as any other styling salon but without the hassle of a fixed location, mobile stylists will visit you! They make it much easier for people to get their hair & makeup done anywhere.

Mobile stylists are in high demand, and it’s important for a mobile stylist to understand the specifics of hair and makeup. The most in-demand job for them is styling brides on their big days. Wouldn’t it be interesting & fun to help your future clients?


Working as an assistant, you’ll make sure the actors and actresses are always looking their best as they step in front of the camera. You’ll be styling hair for an industry that has been around for centuries. They enjoy something many other professionals don’t get to do as often, and they’re always excited about what new challenges might come!

Hairstyling is a niche in the world of the arts. It’s not just to have people looking good for social events or to create characters in movies.

Hairstylists are essential professionals that work on stage productions for example, but also television, film and fashion designers. You’ll be doing theatrical hair and makeup that reflects the powerful stage lights and adds details to faces that can be seen all the way in the back rows of the audience.

Fashion Industry

Working in the fashion industry, stylists do everything from styling models’ hair to creating runway shows. They are behind-the-scenes influencers and bring attention to brands and products by working with high-profile people.

It’s important to take a creative risk in order to stay ahead of the game in the fashion industry. Trends never die and so you need to get a jump on predicting what style will catch on next. You should also know some tricks for obtaining the perfect make-up and hairstyle so that you always look your best while at work.

Platform Artist

Platform artists perform at beauty & wellness events across the world and have a line-up of shows that keep them busy.

They travel worldwide to make sure they are seen and their name is talked about.  You’ll offer customers insights on how to cut & style hair in a one-of-a-kind presentation.

Whether you have a team of professional hairstylists or not, you should be able to handle this job on your own.

Salon Sales Representative

You would probably do well as a sales representative for the company if you feel passionate about the product line. Sales Representatives are responsible for supplying information to the salon, and they do this by traveling around to meet people and answer their questions. They make decorating the home for any holiday easy by providing foundations of what can be done with the products they sell.

Cosmetology School

Cosmetologists interested in passing on their knowledge or skills are in luck. There are many rewarding endeavors to choose from and teaching is one of them.

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