Jordan Joss Belfort Biography & Net Worth 2021


Jordan Joss Belfort is a well known American author and speaker.  His autobiography titled The Wolf of Wall Street also contributed to his prominence.

He begged guilty to fraud and similar crimes in the year 1999. He was also found guilty of manipulation of the stock market.

Jordan Belfort was born on 9th July 1962 into a Jewish family in Queens, New York. Jordan’s parents Leah and Max are both accountants.

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Belfort earned a Bachelors’s degree in Biology from American University.

Net Worth

After he was barred from been involved in the financial security market, Jordan Belfort then decided to earn money by being a motivational speaker.

Before he started his Business Oriented Motivational speaking, in 2008, he authored two best selling books: First, The Wolf Of Wall Street in which he analyzed his grace to grass shift in the financial market.

The following year, he wrote a second book titled “Catching The Wolf Of Wall Street which detailed his life after he was arrested.

In the year 2013, he released a blockbuster movie with the same title: The Wolf Of Wall Street. In this movie, he starred Jonah Hill and Leonardo Di Caprio.

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Royalties from the movie have also been a stream of income to the former stockbroker.

The Royalties he gets from the movie has also contributed to the income of the one-time stockbroker.

Following reports, it has been said that the two books he authored and the movie he released has made him over $2 million.


It was also revealed that he was paid a sum of $1.045 million by Red Granite Productions for access to the book which was later turned to a movie. However, Belfort has denied receiving money from the movie.

For some years, Jordan’s income has been said to be around $50million to $100 million yearly but going by his present enterprises, the real state of his wealth it seems Jordan does not want to divulge any serious or deep information about it.

While speaking with Inside Edition in the year 2014, Jordan revealed that he had plans to repay $100 million to 1500 people who are victims of his actions that year.

Some years later, it was disclosed that still, he has to pay that same amount to other victims, yet he lives a life of pleasure.

Jordan is reportedly paying approximately $5000 per month which invariably means it may take him about 1,600 years or more to pay off his debts.

Jordan Belfort Family Life

Jordan Belfort initially married Denise Lombardo but he later divorced her when Stratton Oakmont Company was still in operation.

After his first marriage failed, he then married Nadine Caridi who is a British-born model.
According to reports, it was revealed that Belfort and Caridi’s relationship has been existing even while he was married to his first wife.

During that period, Caridi who was in her 20s got introduced to Belfort by her boyfriend; Wilzig. Belfort and Caridi made the decision to get married after he eventually divorced his first wife Denise.

They both married in the Carribean and they had two children: a boy(Carter) and a girl (Chandler).

Following the information provided on her Linked In profile, Chandler who is based in Allentown, Penn is an assistant for Research in a Social Cognition Lab while Carter in 2014 after he finished school lives in Los Angeles, California where he studied at Muhlenberg College.


  • In 2007, he wrote the book “The Wolf of Wall Street”
  • In 2017, he wrote the book “Way of The Wolf”.
  • In 2009, he authored the invaluable book “Catching the Wolf of Wall Street”


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