Keith Richards Biography, Net Worth, Career, Facts


Keith Richards was born on December 18, 1943, in Dartford, Kent, England. He was born into the family of Doris Maud Lydia and Herbert William Richards.

Richards grandfather, Augustus Theodore “Gus” Dupree was the first musician Richard knew. The way his grandfather plays his guitar always trill Richard, so this made him fall in love with music.

In addition, Richard’s first musical instrument(a guitar) was given to him by his maternal grandfather, Augustus Theodore.

Richard had a childhood friend called Mick Jagger. The two friends attended the same primary school together. They would go to school in the morning and return back together later in the day. They were more like siblings.

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Hence, their friendship was very much like siblings, also because they were neighbors. Their friendship was very close until Richard’s family moved to another town in 1954.

Richards and Mick lost contact for several years until later when the both of them ran into each other on a train. As at when they met, Mick had also developed an interest in music and was carrying some of his song albums with other musicians.

They picked up their friendship from there and with their third friend Dick Taylor later formed a local band. The three of them belonged to a band called “Little Boy Blue ” and they perform locally with other young musicians.

The blue boys were all upcoming musicians, they all stayed together in the band because of their love for music.

Sadly, the blue boys’ band came to an abstract end when a music icon, Brian Jones formally requested for Richard, Dick, and others to meet for song production.

They signed a record deal with Decca Records in the year 1963. They were mostly called ‘The Rolling Stones”.

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In the Rolling Stone group, there’s the guitarist, keyboardist, lead vocals, drummer, etc in it. There were different spaces of talent in the band.

They have released over 100 albums together, including 30 studio albums, and have performed over 2000 life concerts all over the world.


Having said that, Richard was not only performing in The Rolling Stones, but he has also succeeded in producing songs on his own. Most of his music has brought him international recognition and many awards.

He released his first song “Run Rudolph Rum” and many more. Incredibly, he also had the privilege of acting few movie roles like the “Pirates of the Caribbean”.

All these considered, it seems reasonably well, to assume that Richard is not only an accomplished musician but also a widely recognized and admired talent.

Aside from these, Richard was known for taking hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, among other illegal drugs. In fact, he once said, if he doesn’t take hard drugs that he may likely fall sick.

He was arrested and charged five times for drug-taking. In the 1960s to 1970s, he was arrested once in 1967, twice in 1973, once again in 1977, and another in 1978.

Despite all the arrests and charges, he still confessed to drinking alcohol and that he takes other hard drugs.

Richard started his affairs with an Italian movie star Anita Pallenberg from 1967 to 1979. The relationship produced a son and a daughter born in 1967 and 1972 respectively.

After that relationship, the both of them went their separate ways. Richard later met another lady whom he eventually married, Pattir Hansen in 1979. They got married on Richard’s 40th birthday which was in December 18, 1983.

The marriage produced two daughters, Theodora was born in 1985, and Alexandra was born in 1986.

Speaking of assets, Richards has so many of properties both home and abroad.


– He has a set of guitars of over 3000 because of his love for guitar.
– His net worth is approximately $4.68 million
– He is the only child of his parent.
– Another of his hobby is dog walking. He loves to take the family pet out for exercise.
– Keith Richard began to listen to music at the age of 3 years, which made him fall in love with music.
– Keith Richard has a granddaughter named Ella Rose Richard.
– His nicknames are Keef and The human Riff.


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