How to Know a Nigerian man is married (6 signs)


I think without a doubt we are all aware that Nigeria men can be very cunning that’s especially in the issues of relationships and women

You may be thinking it’s just the men who are single that are involved in this but don’t be surprised even the married men are out there looking for young ladies to “chop and run”.

They probably believe that we are actually in the last days when seven women will cleave to one man although statistics show that there are more men in the world right now.

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These married men are not even concerned about the single guys, not at all. They just intend to keep checking out everything under the skirt, so it is now very important to know who is really who.

Meanwhile, note that these married men have now gone to the extent of removing their ring and every other evidence of marriage from their bodies.

After several heartbreaks, Nigerian ladies have now decided to perfectly study their ways of operation and that is why I will be sharing with you in this post, simple but technical ways to recognize a man who is married so as to avoid heartbreak.

How to date a Nigerian man

Sign 1 : Nails On The Wall Without Portraits

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Dear sister when you visit him in his house and you just notice that everything around suspiciously looks bare with no portrait, personal Effects in the sitting room at least and everywhere is looking as if somebody actually took out his time to clean up everywhere, then be careful that man might be married.

Also if you notice that there are nails on the wall with nothing hanging on them, be careful cause the last time I checked nails are not for decoration, so definitely some pictures have been removed to avoid questions


Sign 2: Check His Ring Finger

Also if he has been married for a long period of time whether or not he’s wearing his marriage ring, smartly check out his ring finger, you will find out that there’s a patch of lighter skin on it.

This is if he is not wearing his ring at all, he may even decide to put the wedding ring on another finger in order to make you think it’s just for fashion, be careful that maybe his wedding ring.

Is he partly pot-bellied, bald or in any way close to the age of your father, sister be warned, even if he’s trying to keep up appearance in order to look younger, he may be married with wife and children abroad.

Think again, does he usually avoid leaving his home during the day?
– That is another important sign of marriage. If he’s always catching up with you in the night, you should inquire more to be sure he’s not married.

Sign 3: The disappearance on Public Holiday

Does the man you are dating usually disappear during the public holiday giving you some flimsy excuses for not been around, look well because it is usually married men who take time off on public holidays to relax with family.
This is a simple but effective way of recognizing a married man.

Sign4: Does The Question Of Marriage Terrify Him

Have you noticed that whenever you ask him if he is married, he either answers too quickly or the question throws him off balance?
Be careful that man may be hiding something or a lot of things. Investigate more, know the truth and run for your life or should I say your heart now?

Sign 5: The Unavailable Cousin/Sister

Have you been suspecting that a woman lives in his house but you have not come in contact with her yet and when you ask him, does he tell you that it’s his cousin or sister who’s living with him, shine your eyes sister, his wife may be having her summer break in the U.S while you are the temporary babe, do your research well and know the truth before your heart is shattered into pieces like broken glass.

Sign 6: Check The Internet

In conclusion, the easiest way to find out his real marital status is to check the internet, no matter how hard he tries to hide, his wife and  Children will probably not will most likely get a piece of concrete information about him On the internet.


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