10 Life Skills Every Woman Should Know & Master In Year 2021


At some point in our lives, we may need to carry out one assignment or the other which may require a basic skill. Women need a different set of life skills than men to develop their leadership in this world.

So this year, make a point of keeping your life skill up to date and introducing few new skills to add up to your skill. Life can be very harsh and complicated too. There would be times when no one may be close to you to assist or help you.

So if you have the knowledge of a life skill, you won’t be afraid or lack the confidence to carry out your work. You will deal with any problems sent your way.

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The following are 10 steps for every woman to know and master in this year 2021

1. Financial skills.

Learning financial skills is one of the best, because, this will help you with all the financial knowledge you need at home to plan out a household budget and live within your means and to also know how to manage your expenses. In so doing it will help you save well, now and in old age.

2. Domestic skills.

Many women out there today can not do anything at home. Domestic skills come with a lot of work and sacrifices. Taking care of the home, like cleaning, making the bed, organizing the rooms, and also making meals are life skills every woman should master. If you don’t arrange the home well it could cause an accident and if you don’t cook good meals it could make someone sick. Sometimes, you could need to go out to learn it, either from older people or friends. Remember all this is for the health of your family and friends.

3.Safety skills.

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Safety skill is a self-protection skill to prevent trouble. It is a plan to prepare for the unexpected, that may likely occur anytime. It could be for your own safety or another. So, master up a good safety skill, like how to wash a cut, how to care for a minor burn, and how to care for an insect bite or sting. Women need to be extra observant about safety skills. That is, knowing how to avoid any problems and defending yourself against anyone who wants to attack you.


4. Learn how to sew.

Few things are more tiring and confusing than just putting on your clothes for five minutes. Adding some basic stitches to your skills will help you from running around when you have a minor issue with your dress. Get sewing knowledge to avoid confusion.

5. Goal-setting skills.

Goal setting skill is very important in the business world and life. As a woman, one of the things you can do to set a goal is to have a big dream that you can see yourself in it. When you have that dream, begin to work towards it. Set your goal and be able to identify priorities. You can’t get what you want unless you have strategic plans to make the dream happens.

6.Have Knowledge of Time management.

Let’s face the truth, we have so many responsibilities as women and we must map out a plan to play these roles differently. The role of being a mother, friend, partner, sister, boss, and so on is different. So, you need planning and time for all of these, or else you won’t be able to do it all. Get the skill on how to manage your time, so you can also have your ‘me time, to avoid health issues.

7. Communication Skills.

This is another very important skill you can master as a woman in this year 2021. Many women today don’t know how to communicate well. They talk or speak anyhow to people. Communicating well can give you an advantage in your personal and business relationships. It builds people’s trust for you, when they speak, you listen and communicate well with them. And it can also keep you safe.

8. Learn to Forgive and Forget.

You need to stop holding onto the past, you need to let go and move on. Holding onto something or someone is stressing. You may have been hurt or abused before but not forgiving will only harm you and bring health issues to you. You can’t run away from people just because you don’t want them to hurt you. It’s inevitable! This skill is life-saving. Try to forgive and let go and you will experience a stress-free and happy life.

9.Get Body Awareness Skills.

Every woman should learn to be in tune with their body. know whatever your body is saying. When you have changes in your body, such as lumps, bumps, pains, discharges, odd smell, and so on, go seek medical attention so you can stay healthy. Finally, you need to learn when to stop and rest, and when to let go. When you feel stressed, take a shower and rest.


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