How to Link BVN to Your GTB Bank account


Today, I’ll show you five simple, straightforward methods you can use to link your BVN to your GT bank account quickly. It simple and easy.

While it can be a very daunting task to link your BVN to other accounts, GTBank has made provision for this via several channels for easy BVNlinking. Here are the five methods to link your BVN without visiting a branch of GTBank.

The growing demand for more security in accessing sensitive or personal information on banking systems in the event of compromises on traditional security systems (password and PIN).

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Because of that situation, the Nigerian Central Bank (CBN) provides each bank customer with a unique identity throughout the Nigerian banking industry, has ordered all account holders to enlist in the Bank’s Verification No. (BVN) to quickly identify and verifies banking operations at a point of sale.

The CBN also directed that all bank accounts with no information from BVN should be constrained from making bank transactions by November 1, 2015, until the account holder is properly registered for BVN and connected to account(s).

It can be difficult to connect your BVN to many other Nigerian accounts, but GTBank has provided a number of channels to simplify the BVN connection process. Without visiting a GTBank branch, you can get it done via the Internet Banking system on the Bank’s Corporate Website,  or use SMS, GT bank 737 BVN Linker or on any of GTBank ATM nationwide, customers may now link their Bank Verification (BVN) number irrespective of which Nigerian bank you enrolled for the BVN exercise.

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See below the different steps for linking your BVN to your GTBank Account:

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1.Link BVN to GT bank account online VIA internet Banking

  • Login to your personal area on the Internet Banking portal
  • Pick the BVN Linker which is located on the left-hand panel
  • Choose New Request
  • Insert your Bank Verification Number from the dropdown menu
  • pick from the list the Nigerian that issued your BVN for you
  • Give an answer to the secret question and continue


2. Link BVN to GT bank account online

Link your BVN on the GT bank websites using the below link. lease visit to link your BVN to GT bank online.

  • Enter your GTBank Nuban
  • Verify Account Number
  • Select the Nigerian Bank where you enrolled for your BVN
  • Enter the BVN number given you by the other Nigerian bank
  • Click on the submit button to link your account

3. Link BVN to GT Bank account on ATMs

  • Stick in your GTBank ATM Card
  • Choose the BVN Link menu on the transaction menu list
  • Input your 11-Digit BVN
  • Make sure the details of your BVN is entered correctly
  • Submit your BVN

4. Link BVN to GT Bank account VIA SMS

  • The process of linking your BVN via SMS is simple, open the SMS app on your mobile, and  text your BVN details to 08076665555

E.g. BVN <0109898978978> to 08076665555

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5. Link BVN to GT Bank account with 737 BVN Linker

  • Dial *737*20*BVN# to link your BVN easily to your GT bank account


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