List of Oil wells in Nigeria, Locations and Owners


Nigeria’s oil industry is the largest in Africa, producing over 2.1 million barrels of oil per day.

Nigeria is also a key player on the global oil market, with nearly 75% of its production demands coming from abroad. The country also has an extensive network of natural gas and crude oil pipelines for trading purposes.

This extensive network makes it difficult to transport and refine Nigeria’s crude oil efficiently. It is estimated that Nigeria’s pre-tax revenue in 2018 was $212 billion; this number is expected to grow significantly as they continue to increase their output.

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Refining crude oil is a complex and costly process. Nigeria has the largest oil reserves in Africa, yet it is still difficult for its government to reap the benefits.

Nigeria’s Oil Wells – How They Work

Oil wells in Nigeria are the most popular oil sources in the world. In fact, they account for over 85% of the country’s total crude oil production.

Nigeria has a large population, which makes it a perfect candidate for oil wells. Additionally, Nigeria’s geography is also perfect – its topography is flat and easy to develop with a large network of rivers and streams that provide water for drilling.

Countries such as the United States, Canada, Russia, China, Mexico and Nigeria are some of the countries that are perfect for oil production. They have geographical features that make it easy to drill. China’s topography produces a large network of roads and railways which makes it easy to transport and use oil. The United States has a large population which makes them able to harness resources in order to produce energy.

Oil in Nigeria – The Most Profitable Natural Resource?

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Nigeria is one of the largest oil producers in Africa and the seventh-largest in the world. Estimates suggest that Nigeria’s oil production will surpass even that of Saudi Arabia by 2020.

The country’s economy is heavily reliant on its petroleum industry, with oil-related industries responsible for more than 70% of GDP.

Nigeria has always been a huge importer of crude oil, but it has been able to maintain its status as Africa’s largest producer thanks to its huge reserves and state-owned downstream refining capacity.

Nigeria has always been a huge importer of crude oil, which accounts for more than 30% of the country’s GDP.

Having looked at a little brief about oil wells in Nigeria, now let’s proceed to know the various oil wells in Nigeria.

1) Alhaji Mai Daribo, the owner of OML 110 in Bornu is a Patriarch and has high yield. The oil well has an estimated reservoir of over 500 million barrels, making it a good investment for any company. The statement that if you explain oil reserves as if they were an asset being valued at $500 billion dollars is equivalent to $100 per barrelIf you remove the taxes, duties, and royalties that are worth about 60% of the reserve that is payable over time, you can fund your business in oil given to you on a regular basis

2) Mr. Danjuma is the owner of OPL 246 which exports up to 300,000 barrels of crude each day.

3) NOML 112 and OML 117 is the company owned by Colonel Sanni Bello. Colonel Sanni Bello himself is related to former Nigerian Head of State, Abdulsalami Abubakar.

4) Alhaji Mohammed Ludimi is the owner of OML 115, OLDWOK Field and EBOk field

5) Alhaji Kale Sela Gambo, who owns and runs Nor East Petroleum Limited, owns the OML 215.

6) Alhaji Cantata is the owner of OML 108 which is run by Express Petroleum Company Limited.

7)Oil well owner Alhaji W.I Folawiyo is the man behind OML 113, which is located in Nigeria.

8) Prince Nasiru Ado Bayero is the owner of a few oil fields and currently manages Seplat PetroleumThis oil well can produce 300000 barrels of oil on a daily basis. This is equivalent to $30 000 000 monthly with an average price of $100 dollars per barrel. When the tax filing for the week ends on Sunday, taxes are removed and a lot of this money will go to the owners.

9) The president of Nigeria and their families own some of the most popular oil & gas exploration companies in the region. Atiku Yaradua’s ties with oil & gas are extensive.

10)OOO7 is a publicly listed company with wide-ranging assets and investments in the oil and gas sector around the world.

11) DEtete, one of the key members of Mumaui Abacha’s regime, owned and operated the oil well operation Malabu Oil – which took place in July 2007. The oil block is worth $20 billion.

12)A gas company in Nigeria managed by a public limited company with the country’s government as its major shareholder.

13) Andy Uba runs his own diesel fuel company and is in partnership with the BG Group.

14)Emeka owns OPL 291, a crude oil well that has been operated by Starcrest Energy Nigeria Limited. It was later sold to Addax Petroleum Development Company Limited Emeka Of still has differences in OPL 291

15)Mike Adenuga is best known for being the founder and CEO of Conoil which is Nigeria’s oldest indigenous oil exploration company. It has six oil blocks and exports more than 200,000 barrels of crude oil daily..

16) Alfred James Petroleum owned OPL 302 which were owned by six joint owners including Adewunmi Sujuade, Gone Sijuade, Cooke Sijuade, Adedeji Sijuade, Olayinka Sijuade & A.O. Adeyinka as the Chairman.


17)J.O Udoji and his colleagues own OPL 226, which is located in Nigeria. They are part of a company known as 2 Soglas Nigeria Limited.

18)Saleh Jambo: has his own oil company, which owns the OPL 215 oil well

19) Ibrahim Bunu is the Chairman of the manufacturing company Optimum Petroleum Ltd.

20)The Express Petroleum Committee Chairman, Aminu Alhassan Dantata, has stakes in OPL 108 & 227 and the members of the committee are Ahmade Rufai, Tajudeen Dantata, Dalhatu Gwarzo

21) Sanni Bello was the Chairman of the Committee of the OPL 112& 117 of the Amni International Petroleum

22) Arthur Eze is the president of Atlas Petroleum International Ltd, one of the company’s subsidiaries. This company owns the oil well OPL 109

23) Mohammed Indimi of Oriental Energy Resources owns the OPL 115 oil well, and is an important environmentally conscious leader

23) Mai Derive is president of Cavendish Petroleum Big Ltd and Kase Lawal is president of Allied Energy Resources Big Ltd.

25) The CEO of Summit Oil is M.A. Olokun and she’s going to be presiding over OPL 122 today.

26) One of the cheapest oil companies in Nigeria, Summit Oil owns OPL 205 and OPL 206.

27) Said Kuashi is a CEO of Crown well Petroleum Company, which owns OPL 305 and 306.

28)Module Alakija is the majority owner of Famta Oil Ltd, a company that owns OPL 216

29) Oil well LD-273729, 313290

30) Orjiako is the President of Zebbra Energy – they own OPL 248.

31) Mr. Reginald Uduhim manages Oil and Gas Limited that owns OPL 249

32) David Richards, P.O. Balogun, T.O Omisore, Olayiwola Fatona presides over the Niger Delta Western OPL34

33) Rachel Akintola, Ibukun Olawepo and their team operate Oil World. They own the oil company, OPL 241

34) The revolution in technology and business today has made the delivery of capital to entrepreneurs much easier. Oando, which owns OPL 278, 236 is considered a household name.

35) The board of Eurafric Energy Limited presides over OML 54, which operates in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. Onoh Anthony along with his colleagues is the president and one of these people is also a doctor.

36) UnEjee T, Akinro C.A and colleagues own Bicta Energy that operates Bicta Energy

37) Ewendu Chidi and his partners own a business called Platform Petroleum Limited that operates on the 38

38)Du- Frayed, Baba Lawal, Cole Tonye, Odunsi Ade, Adeniji Titi, Akinla Ladipo, Bentley John all plan to take the reins of Sahara Energy & African Oil Ltd which own OML 40 oil well.

39)The team of 5 operate a group of businesses which is known as the Niger Delta Company. They own businesses from the oil industry called OML 54, 43, and Rezonence Petroleum.

40)Let’s take a look at the important people in my company, Prime Pet. Ltd., which owns my OML 11 – MacPepple Victoria runs the business with help from MacPepple Henry & Emmanuel, while Joy, Elfrida & I work for him.

41)The company Oriental Energy operates called OML 67

42) Nwauche Erastus and his colleagues Onoh Anthony, Onoh Christiana, Onoh Ngozi, George Udoekong have set up Eurafric Energy Limited in Dawes Island which owns OML 54

43) Aliyu Abubakar, Brigidi David, Alamieyesheiga Anitonbrapa, Ifimaim Ekine, Jonathan Selereipre, Enddeley Francis and Chinwetelu Chris operate the Bayelsa Oil Company Ayala which owns oil well OML 46

Oil Wells is in Danger and Need Protection Now!

Oil wells are in danger and need protection now!

The oil industry is a $1 trillion dollar industry with more than 15 million people working within it. If oil has any hope of maintaining its position as our world’s most important commodity, it must address the pressures that exist in the industry today.

In conclusion, we have talked about the history of oil wells in Nigeria and also listed all the oil wells we have in the country, help like, share and re-post this article to your social media network for informational purpose.



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