List of Top Business Directories in Nigeria in 2022


Do you presently have a startup company? Have you been running your business without a major online representation? Then you will find this article really helpful

In this post, you will find top business directories in the country. These business directories help to create a good online presence for business brands, it helps to gain traffic and increase in patronage.

What’s Business Directory

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A business directory is a list containing details of companies within a particular niche, location, or category. Using a company directory, potential customers can easily find your firm, contact information, etc.

As a business owner, it is very important to list essential details of your business such as corporate name, address, telephone number, and other relevant information to enable easy access to those who are interested in your services.

Important Things To Note When Listing In A Business Directory

Provide Consistent Information

Since there are numerous business directories in Nigeria, it’s highly advised that you maximize these directories to the fullest, you can simply list your company on as many directories as you desire.
Meanwhile, while you are adding to your company information on business directory platforms, ensure that you give the same details of your company on all directories.

Website Link (If Any)

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The next important thing you need to do is ensure that you put in the same website link on all the business directories you enlist your business. Add a tracking link on the verge of your URL. This will enable you to track how much traffic your business is getting from each directory

Your Company Description

Make sure that you add a little information on how your business operates when you list your company. Let your description showcase your business core values and agenda. When explaining your organization, make sure that all your business directories contain the same information. It helps to avoid being viewed as incompetent or dishonest.

Top 5 Business Directories



On this platform, businesses are allowed to showcase their discounts and special offers for their products and services in the deal sector. What this simply brings for your business is an increase in sales.

Besides, potential customers will be well informed about your business through this website’s newsletter and social media pages

2.Nigeria Business Directory

Nigeria Business Directory, well known as, combines Nigeria’s top businesses into a simple, open, and user-friendly and stylish database. This business directory has over 1,100 categories and it adds a sense of trust and style to the corporate industry in Nigeria.

You will optimize your web marketing, get company exposure, new customers, and create increased traffic with Also, your social media shares will be increased by listing your business details on this website.

3. Abuja Galleria

As the name suggests, this is a business directory that is specific about a particular location.
This platform has a free and paid version.
For the paid version, each business owner is required to pay N5,000 after which your business will be enlisted immediately.

On the other hand, if you want to enlist your business on the free version, you may need to wait for more than three months after applying for your business to be listed here.

This site totally disallows affiliate marketing sites, pornography sites, uncompleted sites, scam sites, sites that are involved in illegal acts, and the likes.

4. Google My Business

You can place your company profile on Google for free with Google My Business. Google My Business promotes your business profile to identify and refine your company so as to pull in the right customers from other businesses in your market. If people search for your company or related businesses on Google Search or Charts, their business profile appears.

When looking for your company, you should be responsible for what people see. On this platform, You will be given access to tools that you can use to update your business profile, design a website, and to perform all relevant tasks.

5. Facebook Business Page

Companies can increase their brand awareness through the use of a Facebook business page thereby getting more sales on Facebook. To achieve this, you need your personal Facebook account.

You also need to promote your business always by communicating your business values in order to make your Facebook page a practical marketing method to spawn lead. You may also increase sales by joining Facebook groups and engaging in them.


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