How to make money on social media in Nigeria


Social media is a new industry that most people in this part of the world are trying to get used to. There are many ways to make money on different social media outlets.
Social media has been able to monetize people’s passion or even make some people’s business bigger as a brand.

There are many money-making chances you can take and lucrative opportunities on social media.

The original idea behind social media is to make connections with people but along the line, people also need to leverage the connections the fluid and make something out of it.
There is a level of trust you develop with your followers they will be obliged to check out the links you recommend to them.

social media has been able to provide a platform where people make a lot of money without selling anything.

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When you open the social media outlets you will find a lot of individuals who have high followership as we go on vacation in different countries enjoy and show off lifestyle on social media.

I’m sure you’ve been wondering how the fund in this fancy lifestyle. Well, they are called social media influencers. The influencer industry is expected to become a billion-dollar industry.


This is promising news because it shows how much money you could easily make off social media. All you need to do is grow your followers on with the right number of followers you will make a living.

On this page, I will expose you to several means of making money on social media without selling products.

  1. Attract customers on Pinterest with your products
    Businesses can benefit from creating an account on Pinterest engaging the community by pinning photos of products that will entice people. Just get the users of your products to pin the photos on Pinterest.
  2. Online Instagram shop
    You can easily set up an Instagram shop online where you will be able to sell your product to your followers. We can easily do this by connecting your account to service inselly.
  3. Copywriting
    If you write on Facebook and Twitter platforms it improves your language and grammar skills a lot. This in turn gives you leverage on making money from copywriting.
  4. Editing
    you could also make a lot of money using editing which could be easily seen on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.
    This editing could be in the form of graphics or written form
  5. Management of social media accounts
    Depending on what you have done online if you’ve had experience managing an account and some of these platforms you might get hired to do the same for others. There are many companies online seeking social media management services. While there are many of the positions meant for interns they also paid jobs on social media management out there.
  6. Comedy career
    There are several comedians that sprung out of social media. Most of the recent comedians are known as online comedians and have been popular because of their prominence on social media.
    The noun started from This online platforms and currently, they are being booked for shows as both masters of ceremonies and comedians around the world.
  7. Monetize your YouTube
    while you post your videos on social media you will make a lot of money but not up to the level you make when you post it on YouTube. YouTube is a subsidiary of Google’s parent company known as ABC. YouTubers get paid if their account is monetized using YouTube AdSense.
    Most people that use monetized YouTube channels have made thousands of dollars if not millions depending on how many subscribers and views you get.
    So you could also refer your followers to click on the YouTube link on your bio or on the post to watch the full video on YouTube, that way you make money while they watch videos you post.
  8. Promote posts
    If you have little money make sure you sponsor your posts to get more viewers and social media that helps in increasing your followers.
  9. Sell your craft
    Social media has made a lot of people go viral and become popular all because they showcase what they can do on their social media page. If you have something you have passion for sure to always post that on your page or create a separate business account for it.
  10. Post your music
    social media is one of the best places where you can market your music. Make sure you post your songs on platforms like SoundCloud, TiK ToK, Snapchat, Instagram, and others.
    The importance of social media in the music industry cannot be overemphasized there are many international or local artists whose music has gotten discovered and they become famous just by posting the songs on social media platforms.
  11. Promote affiliate products

No matter the niche you find yourself in on social media you can still find products to promote using affiliate programs.

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You can easily make money by choosing products you want to promote on your profile an earn commission on the sales of these products.

And while you make the best positive reviews stating that you have an affiliate relationship with those companies to your followers, they’ll appreciate the honesty.

  1. Join the YouTube partner program
    If you’re determined to make money online as stated earlier YouTube is one of the best places to be. Just become a member of the YouTube partner program to make a lot of money using advertising on YouTube.
    Making money on YouTube is not easy because it requires a lot of strategy time and luck to get the required views and clicks.
  2. Boost your engagements
    Do you know why brands work with social media influencers?
    Because of the high rate of engagement. so if you want to show them that you have something better to offer make sure your engagement rate is very high. Make sure your followers like, tag, view, share, and comment on your content.
    One of the key tricks to getting this is to respond to their comments always. You have to dedicate your time to becoming an influencer on social media.
  3. Give away items
    When you’ve been in partnership with some brands after the promotion of their products at a particular time they will be the one sponsoring the content you post.
    The items you want to give away most brands will pay for it.
    Though you could always choose to turn down offers if it’s not relevant to your followers.


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