How to Make Money on WhatsApp in 2022


This is a comprehensive guide on How to Make Money on WhatsApp. Money can be made in so many ways and one of the ways to make money is through the use of the popular Application called WhatsApp.

Many of us have this popular App on our phones but we are limited on how to apply it to our business, what majority of WhatsApp user do is to use the platform to send messages and chat with their friends and loved ones.

WhatsApp have been restricted to just chat and messages by many of us, but for the purpose of these write up we will explore the business side of WhatsApp as it relates to our business.

WhatsApp can be regarded as an online tool used by only few people who utilize it to reach out to their customers and make more money for their businesses.

Users of WhatsApp for business have a greater and better advantage than others who don’t even know how to make use and apply this Application for their businesses and as such their losing lots of money.

What is WhatsApp

WhatsApp according to Wikipedia is a freeware, cross-platform messaging and voice IP (VolP) service owned by Facebook, it allows users to send text messages and voice messages, also the platform can also be used for to make voice and video calls, and share images, documents, user locations, and other media.

WhatsApp can be used and assessed using your android mobile phones and your laptop using an internet connection.

Process of Using WhatsApp to Make Money

We will be using a model to show you how to use WhatsApp to promote and make money for your business, we all know must business engage in the service of buying and selling, you buy and sell to customers.

The major aim of these guide is to show you how you will capture and get customers.

  • Find hot products/business that are selling
  • Source for your products here locally
  • Mark up the price of the products
  • Run facebook ad where you direct your prospect to your WhatsApp group
  • Engage your customers and seal deals
  • Deliver the successful deal and make your money

Find hot products/businesses that are selling the first step for you to make money on WhatsApp, you need to decide the kind of service you want to offer to your prospective clients or customers.

Some people may decide to do service-based business or engage in the act of buying and selling, where you will be the seller looking for buyers to buy your products.

Source for your products here locally after deciding on the kind of service or business you want to engage in and offer to prospective customers, the next step is for you to source for the product locally and at a cheaper rate.

 Mark up the price of the products once you are able to source for the product locally, you can then decide on the price you want to sell by marking up the price slightly for you to make profits.

 Run Facebook ad where you direct your prospect to your WhatsApp group after you might have a source for the products and decide on the price to sell, you immediately go to Facebook and run an ad. While running your ad drop a link where a prospect can be directed to your WhatsApp page to get more info on your products.

Engage your prospects and seal deals once you are able to direct your prospect to your WhatsApp, you can then engage them and advertise your services to them.

 Deliver the successful deal and make your money once you are able to seal the deals, you deliver to them and make your money.

 The benefits of using WhatsApp is that all your transactions with your customers will done on your mobile phone without you leaving the comfort of your home or offices.

Because you already have the contacts of your customers on your WhatsApp, you can easily repeat this process when you have new offers to advertise to them by just simply sending messages to them.

We hope you find this guide informative enough for you to go all out and make money with WhatsApp.

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