How to do Mini Importation in Nigeria in 2021



This is a detailed guide on how to start Mini Importation from the comfort of your home without traveling out and without the headache of presenting legal papers.

This guide is what I titled Mini Importation simplified. With this guide, you will learn all you need to know about importing from any country of your choice abroad.

With this form of Mini Importation, all you have to do is sit in the comfort of your office or room and place your order.

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With this guide, you will discover how mini importation is being done on Autopilot, how you place your order and how you get your goods delivered to you in the comfort of your room or offices.

What you will be learning is different from whatever you might have heard about Importing from abroad. This write up will blow your mind, you will discover how easy it is and how cheap it is to start mini importation.

This guide will be useful for businessmen and those who just want to import goods for personal use.

What is Mini-Importation?

Importation is the process of buying goods from a foreign country and bringing it to your country. The process can take days, weeks and months most time.

With importation goods can be brought in large quantities or small quantities, goods can be imported by air or sea.

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While mini importation is more flexible and easy compared to the general importation. With mini importation, you can only import items or goods in small quantities.

With mini importation goods are delivered faster, you can get your goods in 24hrs, 48hrs and in 7 days this all depends on your choice.


Mini importation requires small capital to start with less stress and all your shipments are being imported by air alone.

Requirements Needed to Start Mini Importation  

  • A valid E-mail Address
  • Functional Phone Number
  • Physical Address
  • A computer
  • Internet Connection
  • A credit Card to Make Payment

 Steps Involve to Start Mini Importation

  • Locate a Store to Buy from
  • Source for Products to Buy from the Store
  • Select your Products
  • Pay for your Products
  • Choose Shipping Method
  • Take delivery of your products
  • Locate a Store to Buy from Once you are ready to import your goods, you need to know the stores you want to shop from. There are a variety of stores to shop online for your goods.

Some of the stores you can shop from including the following stores Ali Express, Amazon, eBay, these are the top four sites you can start with.

  1. Source for Products to Buy from the Store Once you choose the store you want to make your order from after carefully going through all the four stores to check their products and prices, you can head straight to the store and make your purchase.
  1. Select your Products Once you choose the store to shop with, go ahead and filter through the site and choose the products you want to buy. Select the product, choose the quantity and add to cart then make payment.
  1. Pay for Your Products Once you add the product to cart next is to check out by making payment, at this point, you will need your credit card details to make payment.
  1. Choose shipping Method once you make a payment, you will be prompted to choose your shipping method. There are two types of shipping methods which are free shipping and paid to ship, so choose what suits you best. 
  1. Take Delivery of your Product Once you choose your shipping method which at times takes 24hours, 48hours and even 7 days for your shipment to get to your delivery address.

 If you follow this process carefully, then you are on your way to importing your first product from the comfort of your office or room with less effort.

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