Top Mobile Apps to Call Nigeria for Free (Android & iOS)


Calling friends and family from outside of Nigeria can be very expensive because of international call tariffs.

A free calling app is a perfect way to reduce the use of your voice plan and avoid the cost of international calls to contact your friends and family abroad.

In this post, we want to help you have more talk time with your friends and families in Nigeria, and this can be done by making use of free call mobile apps to put a call through to your loved ones in Nigeria for free or at a very cost-effective rate.

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In fact, with an app that makes calls over the Internet, you won’t even need a voice plan for your iPhone or Android because whenever you can count on WiFi connectivity, you’ll be able to make a phone call.

WhatsApp (Android & iOS)

The first stop on at least this WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most installed social media app in the world with billions of users. After the launch of The voice and video calling features to introduce to the Harp became it became one of the most used calling mobile apps on both iOS and Android devices.

If you are outside Nigeria and you are looking for a way to call Nigeria at a very cheap rate, then WhatsApp messenger is your best option , you need to have the phone numbers of people you want to call on your phone’s contact list.

Also, you want to make sure that these people are active users on WhatsApp and then you have a reliable internet connection, thereafter you can make video or voice calls to your loved ones in Nigeria without aching much on the cost of your calls or minute you spend on calls with your loved ones.

Facebook Messenger (Android & iOS)

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If you’re trying to reach out to your loved ones, you can please your calls through the Facebook messenger app.

The Facebook messenger app allows you to place a free video and voice call from your Android device to anyone on your Facebook friends list.


TextNow is an application that offers free texting and calling. What makes it unique is that it also provides free calls and texts to the U.S. and Canada, giving you a phone number of your own that you can give to your family and friends who live in these two countries.

Therefore, you will be able to call people in the U.S. and Canada at no charge and additionally synchronize your texts to reach your computer directly.

Previously, TextNow used to operate with a subscription model: you had to pay $3 per month to retain your number and access features like voicemail and call forwarding.

Today that is not the case since the application is free to use, all this being subsidized by the advertising that you can remove with a small payment. TextNow also allows you to call other countries, although you’ll need to complete in-app surveys or purchase minutes to do so. However, despite the latter, this is the best app to make free calls right now.


Viber began life as a basic VoIP service and has since expanded to a full service that offers text, video and voice chats. You’ll be able to call anyone else who uses Viber for free, but like Skype, there’s a small purchase required if you want to call phone numbers from people who don’t use Viber.


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The calls, text messages, and video chats from Viber to Viber are entirely free, and also, if you want to improve the communication experience, you can buy stickers and some customization options in the app, which are entirely Optional.


This app has undergone many changes over the years, but now offers unlimited free calls and texts to any number within the U.S. and Canada. You can also purchase credits to make international calls, but those rates vary.

It is packed with features like custom voicemail greetings, password protection (so no one else can access the app) and call blocking while offering a simple, modern and very easy-to-navigate interface.

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TextPlus offers free texting and allows you to receive calls for free, but doesn’t allow you to make outgoing calls at no charge.

The mindblowing thing about this app is that although it does not allow you to call for free if it allows you to make the two features mentioned above to various countries of the world for FREE!

Calls are HD quality if you use WiFi and always work on 3G or 4G connections. With this app although you won’t be able to make free international calls, if you can save up to 98% in international call cost compared to major operators and other traditional calling services.


GrooVeIP is a good application for free calls that will also provide you with a real U.S. phone number that you can really share with your acquaintances.

The service itself supports calls and text messages, however, the free part is a bit dubious. You can earn free credits but for this, you will have to complete offers and watch ad videos to do so which can make the app a little tedious.

You will also have the opportunity to purchase the credits if the credits that the same application gives you monthly are not enough. This makes GrooVeIP an excellent alternative as far as limited free calls are concerned.

Google Hangouts

Use this calling app to connect at any time with other Google Hangouts users to make free voice and video calls. It also allows you to make video calls of up to 10 members totally free of charge, which is cool!  All this with a simple and clean design.

Hangouts integrate with Google Voice for the use of voice mail, as well as text messages and calls to users who do not use Hangouts (this feature comes with limitations for some countries). You can as well use Google Hangouts to send text messages and share photos, videos, GIFs, and more.

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