Top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria

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Here in this article today we would take you through the top 10 modeling agencies in Nigeria 2020. The word modeling is derived from the model, meaning personnel that represents a subject of Fashion any picture or any work of Art.

The most important thing to learn is to know the Commonwealth of Nigeria the features we will enlist today. To become a model in Nigeria you need to understand the background of photography and must have solid training on modeling.

Young Nigerians are seeing their self as the Giant of Africa. In modelling Nigeria is far better than some African countries because young girls here are believed to be the most beautiful in the Continent.

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Best Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020

Ladies here are desperate and ready to Showcase their beauty to the world because they believe that modeling can make them popular not only in Africa and Europe.

Modelling is a kind of job that requires a model to do excessive practices in other to inquire about brilliant skills.

At this point, we will be looking at the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020.

Most of the top Nigerian models today studied at some of these Modelling agencies because of their good reputation.

This article will guide you and help you decide which of the modelling agencies that will suit you best.

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1. Y-Ray Models

This popular modeling agency stands in the first position on the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020.

This modelling agency that concentrates on making Nigerian girls top models. They are known for providing are excellent opportunities for models in their agency. A lot of models graduate from Y-Ray every year after been fully trained.

One of the most unique thing about Y- Ray Models is that they accept both Male and Female including children.

2. Exquisite Models International

This is one big modeling agency company in Nigeria. Exquisite agency company has an international modeling connection and they train their students to become a top model in both Africa and Europe.

The vision of this company is to spot Young and beautiful Nigerian girls and train them to become professionals in modeling. They promote their well-trained models and pay them well.

Exquisite Models International only accept females in their modeling Agency.

3. Fashion Instinct modeling agency

This is one top modelling agency in the country and it is purposely established for the top class models. The fashion instinct modelling agency is based in Lagos. Fashion instant model company focused on training focus training and managing models.

This modelling company made the third position on the list of top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020. The company is headquartered in  Florida United States of America. Male and female can enroll in this modeling Agency.

4. Beige Model Management

This modeling agency stands in the fourth position in the list of the top 10 modelling companies in Nigeria. The Agency is based in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.


They are one of the best modelling company that trains top models to be more competitive in the world of modeling. Beige Model Management is one of the best paying model agencies in the country.

Here is Beige Model Management Contact – 07033543343

5. Black Dove model agency

This is one of the biggest modelling company in the nation. Black Dove model agency is based in Lagos, Nigeria. The modeling agency stands in the 5th position of the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020. They engage in training both male and female models to become professional models. Models trained here leave the agency to work in Europe.

Here Black Dove model agency Contact – 07033543343

6. ISIS Model Management

This one big model agencies in Nigeria. ISIS Model Management is known for producing the most beautiful models in the nation. This great agency stands in the 6th position of the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020.

You can visit ISIS Model Management modeling agency online. Click Here

7. Iris Modelling Agency

This agency is popularly known as Glam Model Management. Iris modeling Agency is one big modeling agency in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. This Agency has a good reputation in training both male and females models. Most of which graduates and decided to study more abroad. This great modeling company stands in the 7th position on the list of the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020.

Here is Iris Modelling Agency Contact 08064507728

8. Few Models Agency

This is one of the best and the leading modelling agency in Lagos State Nigeria. The aim of this modeling Agency find beautiful and decent girls, train them to become world-class models. Few Models Agency did not disclose which gender can enroll but it will be ideal for girls to subscribe to this agency. This agency stands in the 8th position in the list of the top 10 Modelling Agencies in Nigeria 2020.

Here is Few Models Agency Contact +234 818 949 3506 & Email: info@fewmodels.

9. Wave Model Management

This is one of the biggest modeling agencies in Nigeria. Wave’s headquarters is based in Italy but has branches across Africa.

Its headquarters is situated in Italy. Wave Model Management has collaboration with Nigeria have been affiliated with it. Models of this agency are opportune to travel abroad for the topmost fashion shows. Their preference is females. Their address is GRA Port Harcourt city.

The company is known for discovering young and beautiful girls who are ready to become models. They train and support students who graduate from their institution to travel abroad in search of greener pastures.

Here is Wave Model Management Contact +234 803 875 3903

10. Beth Model Management

This modeling agency was founded by Africa Ex-model Elizabeth Isorho-Aisien. It was founded in the year 2004. Beth Model Management in is based in Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

The aim of this top modeling company is to become the number 1 modeling and fashion industry in the country.

Here is Beth Model Management Contact +234 803 327 8752

It’s now your call to make the right choice in learning to model.


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