Top 5 Mobile Savings Apps in Nigeria 2021


Everyone wants to start 2020 on a better financial Footing, but speaking a smart money-related New Year solution can make our difference.

Instead of just saying you will spend less or save more money, you can quickly be saving money on the following applications at your convenience.

Open an online saving for your savings, not only do you get a better interest rate but make you save out of sight and out of mind makes it so much easier to leave that money alone rather than spending it.

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The applications make you monitor your money. Although few people are aware that you can save money through applications in Nigeria now, let’s see the apps that make you save money quickly and gives high interest.

Where are the five top picks based on three criteria?
1. Trust
2. interest Payout
3. Withdrawal Fee

Although I use just one of these applications, which is piggybank, also known as piggyvest.

Best Mobile Savings Apps in Nigeria

1. SumoTrust


SumoTrust savings and investment platform in Nigeria. It is formally known as sumo bank. It is a trusted online savings application that helps Africans to save and spend wisely while you learn and get better at business and financial decisions. Download Sumotrust app from both Android and iOS
Trust verdict: 99.9%
Interest Payout: 10-15%
Withdrawal Fee: 4.5%

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2. Piggyvest


Piggyvest app is a trusted online service platform for savings and investing. It is one of the oldest online survey platforms in Nigeria and currently used by many Nigerians to save.
It also helps to build a good savings culture.
Trust verdict- 99.9%
Interest payout: 8 -15%
Withdrawal fee: it is usually free on withdrawal dates.

3. Cowrywise


This is also a trusted online saving app in Nigeria that helps its users save and invest for a goal it; it is straightforward to use.
Trust Verdict: 99.9%
Interest payout: 10 -15%
Withdrawal fee: Free withdrawal, no other charges.

4. Alat by Wema


It is Nigeria first fully digital savings Bank it is trusted and secure to use and give you a time card access to make cash withdrawals from your alat account
allows you to perform all transactions with commercial banks, also significant saving up for those who might be needing cash at any time.
Trust verdict: 99.2%
Interest payout: 2%
Withdrawal fee: ATM card and free with you at all times.

5. Kolopay


Kolopay is a trusted platform used for savings and also allows users to save money towards plan goals over a while. On kolopay, you can only withdraw the whole art of your money and not part of your savings, unlike other online saving platforms. The exciting thing is it makes you share your savings go with your friends and family so that they can help it contribute to the achievement of your financial goal.
Trust Verdict- 99.9%
Interest payout- 6% per annum
Withdrawal chargers: 5%


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