10 Most Expensive Beer in The World (2022)


You might be astonished to learn that beer is the world’s oldest drink and that it is the third most popular beverage after water and tea. The fact that beer is the most extensively used alcoholic beverage on the planet should come as no surprise. That is common knowledge. Beer may be found almost anywhere. On a hot summer day, it’s affordable to most people and runs rapidly down a thirsty throat.

However, the world’s best beers are just unavailable to the general public. That’s because a good beer is more than just a fun night out with friends. It’s a whole different game that necessitates a different kind of… pocket. One that can withstand a lot more.

The top ten most expensive beers in the world are listed below. Because the bottles come in various sizes, we calculated and categorized them based on their pricing.

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Arctic Ale By The Allsopp – $503,300

Arctic Ale By The Allsopp – $503,300

The most expensive beer in the world is a bottle of beer from Sir George Nares’ Arctic Expedition of 1875, which dates back over 140 years.

A garage in Gobowen, Shropshire, England, was discovered with a few dozen bottles of Allsopp Arctic Ale, one of which sold for an astonishing $503,300 at an auction.

Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale – $1,815

Nail Brewing’s Antarctic Nail Ale – $1,815

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The Nail Brewing Antarctic Nail Ale is an Australian Pale Ale with a unique brewing technique. They collected ice from an Antarctic iceberg, melted it in Tasmania, and then shipped it to Perth, Australia, for brewing.

Only 30 bottles were produced, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. It has a 10% abv and a price of $1,815/500ml, which was bought at an auction.

Cantillon Loerik 1998 – $1,722

The Cantillon Loerik is one of the most costly beers due to its unique crafting technique and exclusivity. Loerik is the Flemish word for “lazy lad,” though it alludes to the extremely long re-fermentation process that takes place inside the bottle.

Although it only has a 5% alcohol content, a 0.75l bottle sold for $2,584 at an auction. That works out to $1,722/500ml.

Brewdog’s The End of History – $1,159

Back to Brewdog and their struggle with Schorschbrau for the title of the world’s strongest beer.

They didn’t stop after the Bismarck was sunk. The race went on, and the lads came up with the concept for The End of History. It’s not the end of the world, but rather a beer called The End of History. Or, if you drink too much, the apocalypse, as it boasts a 55 percent abv.

If you want to try this beer, make sure it’s just one, because the price tag is a whopping $1,159 for 500 cc. You might also find up broke after one night. That is, if you ever wake up and understand what you’ve done.

The beer is severe, both in terms of abv and in terms of the creatures used to make the bottles – squirrels, hares, and weasels. They only made 12 of them, and I’m not sure who they were attempting to save: the animals or the customers.

De Cam & 3 Fonteinen Millennium Geuze 1998 – $616

It was a collaboration between De Cam and 3 Fonteinen that was introduced in 1998 in Belgium in preparation for the year 2000 celebrations, as its name suggests.


It contains a 7% alcohol content, and despite the fact that only 8000 bottles were ever made, it can still be found in basements all over the world. However, be wary of the price, which is a whopping $616 per 500ml.

Carlsberg’s Jacobsen Vintage – $533

Carlsberg, a well-known Danish brewery, believed it was time for beer to take on the luxury wine market, so they invented Jacobsen Vintage, a barley wine-style beer with vanilla and cocoa aromas.

It was made between 2008 and 2010 and aged in Swedish and French oak barrels for up to six months. The beer is only available in Denmark, so get your tickets now before they’re all gone. It features a 10.5 percent abv and retails for $533 per 500ml.

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57 – $417

Schorschbräu’s Schorschbock 57 – $417

The race for the world’s strongest beer didn’t end at Brewdog. Schorschbrau, a German brewery, continued the challenge and managed to create a beer that was even stronger than Brewdog’s. The struggle was eventually won by the Germans, and they still hold the title today.

Schorschbock is their beer, and it has a 57.5 percent alcohol content. If you ever decide to do it, best of luck. If I were you, I’d be extremely cautious. The beverage broke Germany’s Beer Purity Law, thus the Germans were out of luck because just 36 bottles were ever created, and they aren’t even legal in Germany. The cost per 500ml is a whopping $417.

Samuel Adams’ Utopias – $200

Samuel Adams’ Utopias, the most expensive beer in the United States, is produced in limited quantities every two years, beginning in 2002. It gets its noble aroma from being aged in sherry, brandy, cognac, bourbon, and scotch barrels for up to 18 years. It also has a magical maple syrup touch.

The alcohol content is 27 percent. The cost of a 500ml bottle is $200. One disadvantage is that it is illegal in 13 US states, so some people may have to fly to have a taste of it.

Brewdog’s Sink the Bismarck – $107

Sink the Bismarck, Brewdog’s amplified IPA, is their response to Schorschbrau, a German brewery, in the race to create the world’s strongest beer.

It’s called a quadruple IPA because it’s been freeze-distilled four times, is four times as bitter, has four times as much hops as a regular beer, and has a 41 percent alcohol content. The 500ml bottle costs $107.

Tutankhamun Ale – $75

Bottle, number 159, of ‘Tutankhamun Ale’, by Scottish and Newcastle PLC, Edinburgh, Scotland, 1996. The ale was brewed to an ancient Egyptian receipe using evidence from a brewery excavated in Amarna, a city built for Pharoah Akhenaten and Queen Nefertiti c1250 B.C. This is a limited brew of 1000 bottles of Tutankhamun Ale’.

The Tutankhamun Ale, first released in the United Kingdom in 1996, is a recreation of an ancient Egyptian beer.

The story begins with Queen Nefertiti’s secret kitchen, hidden away in the Sun Temple, and continues with a team of archaeologists from the University of Cambridge who unearthed the remains of the ingredients used to make beer in those days.

The team’s leader contacted Scottish and Newcastle Breweries in the United Kingdom, and together they developed Tutankhamun Ale, a 6% abv beer marketed for $75 per 500ml.

In Conclusion

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